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Top 11 Fertilizer Suppliers in the Philippines

Explore the top 11 fertilizer suppliers in the Philippines, essential for boosting agricultural productivity and supporting the dreams of farmers.
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Mango trees basking in the sun and verdant rice fields make for a colorful agricultural scene in the Philippines.

But behind all that verdant splendor, there’s a hidden truth: fertilizers are essential for the growth of every seedling and the dreams of countless farmers.

Unsung heroes who unlock the power of nutrients to unlock plentiful harvests and agricultural prosperity are the top 11 fertilizer suppliers in the Philippines, and today we set out to identify them.

So, who are these top players in the Philippines? Let’s explore.



Key Products



NPK, Calcium Nitrate, Ammonium Sulphate

Sagrex Corporation


NPK Fertilizer, Micronutrient Mixes, Custom Solution

K & R Chemical Industries Inc.


NPK fertilizer, Organic Fertilizer

Maxiplex International Philippines Corporation



Planters Products


NPK Fertilizer, Micronutrient Mix, Specialist Fertilizer

AA Bio Tekh Enterprises Co.


Humic Acid, Soil Conditioner

Filipinas Agri-Planters Supply, Inc.



Agrichem Corporation


NPK, Seed

Atlas Fertilizer Corp.


Micronutrient Solution, Ammonium Phosphate, NPK

Manchem Marketing, Inc.



Yara Philippines


Nitrate Fertilizer, Compound Fertilizer, Micronutrient Fertilizer

FMC Corporation


NPK, Fungicide, Herbicide


HANS, founded in 2009, has established itself as a leader in the fertilizer industry, paralleling the growth and innovation seen in companies like Sagrex Corporation. Beginning with a focus on the specific needs of crops and soil conditions, HANS has developed a range of customized fertilizer blends. Their team of agronomists and researchers ensures that each product is of the highest quality, tailored to meet the diverse requirements of agriculture.

City & Country: Qingdao, China

Established Date: 2009

Key Products: NPK, Calcium Nitrate, Ammonium Sulphate

Company Image:

HANS company1


Factory Image:

HANS company2

Today, HANS has expanded its reach globally, becoming a prominent producer and distributor of a wide variety of fertilizers. Their commitment to research and development is unwavering, as they continuously innovate to create better solutions for the ever-evolving challenges in agriculture. HANS’s dedication to producing superior fertilizers addresses soil deficiencies and maximizes crop yields.

Their commitment to efficiency extends beyond their products. With a strong distribution network, HANS ensures easy access to high-quality fertilizers for farmers around the world, especially in the Philippines. This ensures timely and efficient delivery, making HANS a trusted partner in the agricultural sector.

2. Sagrex Corporation

The Cebu-based Sagrex Corporation was founded in 1980 by a group of dedicated innovators who were hell-bent on making farmers rich. Their adventure began with the creation of custom fertilizer mixes for surrounding crops, with each mixture fine-tuned to meet the unique needs of the soil. Today, they have expanded their reach across the Philippines and are a leading producer and distributor of NPK fertilizers, micronutrient mixes, and custom solutions.

City & Country: Davao del Sur, Philippines

Established Date: 1980

Key Products: NPK Fertilizer, Micronutrient Mixes, Custom Solution

Company Image:

Sagrex Corporation company1

Factory Image:

Sagrex Corporation company2

Sagres stands out for its unwavering commitment to R&D. They have a hive of activity going on in in-house laboratories all the time, coming up with new and better solutions and tweaking old ones. Our dedication to innovation allows us to provide superior fertilizers that address soil shortages and increase crop yields. Their commitment to efficiency extends beyond the product itself. Farmers all throughout the country can rest assured that their supplies will arrive promptly and undamaged, thanks to their robust distribution network.

3. K & R Chemical Industries Inc.

A mix of natural curiosity and a strong desire to start a business led to the 2013 establishment of K & R Chemical Industries Inc. Importing raw materials for fertilizer manufacture was the first step in their trip, which laid the framework for their future endeavors. Their meteoric rise to prominence as a producer and supplier of organic solutions, micronutrient blends, and NPK fertilizers has had a profound effect on the prosperity of countless farmers in the Philippines.

City & Country: Philippines

Established Date: 2013

Key Products: NPK fertilizer, Organic Fertilizer

 The agricultural expertise of K & R Chemical Industries Inc. is put to good use by taking into account the specific needs of the soil in the Philippines. In order to get the greatest results, our team of agronomists works directly with farmers, providing them with helpful technical advice and tailored fertilizer recommendations. Their unwavering commitment to maintaining affordable prices empowers farmers of all sizes, allowing them to flourish while facing financial constraints. Their dedication to eco-friendly production methods also ensures that the Philippines’ agricultural sector will be around for a long time to come.

4. Maxiplex International Philippines Corporation

A relationship that began in May 2006 brought together international experience and the entrepreneurial drive of the Philippines. Hence, Maxiplex International Philippines Corporation thrived, providing the archipelago with a diverse range of fertilizer solutions. They began by importing fertilizers from famous international brands but eventually shifted to making custom blends tailored to the unique soil and crop requirements of the Philippines.

City & Country: Metro Manila, Philippines

Established Date: 2006

Key Products: NPK

Company Image:

Maxiplex International Philippines Corporation company1

Product Image:

Maxiplex International Philippines Corporation company2

Maxiplex International Philippines Corporation offers farmers cutting-edge fertilizer formulas and technologies through its vast global network. To ensure that all customers, regardless of their financial situation or individual needs, can get what they’re looking for, they prioritize providing products that are both accessible and reasonably priced. In order to guarantee the success of farmers, they do more than merely supply fertilizers. Through their technical assistance and extension activities, farmers are able to maximize their harvests and use their resources to their full potential. They are a great asset to farmers in the Philippines who are trying to adapt to the dynamic agricultural industry because of their global perspective and in-depth knowledge of the local conditions.

5. Planters Products

The founding fathers of Planters Products were deeply committed to helping Filipino farmers in 1963 when they set out to provide dependable and effective solutions. Their adventure began with a focus on producing high-quality NPK fertilizers, which were meticulously designed to serve a diverse range of crops with a balanced supply of nutrients. Micronutrient mixes, specialist fertilizers, and crop protection products are now part of their portfolio, making them a one-stop shop for all things related to agriculture.

City & Country: Legaspi Village Makati City, Philippines

Established Date: 1963

Key Products: NPK Fertilizer, Micronutrient Mix, Specialist Fertilizer

Company Image: 

Planters Products company1

Product Image:

Planters Products company2

Because of their unwavering commitment to quality and the prosperity of farmers, Planters Products has become well-known in the industry. Each bag of fertilizer is assured to provide the best results thanks to their stringent quality control procedures. Farmers around the Philippines have easy access to their products thanks to their extensive network of distributors. Furthermore, via their commitment to training and education programs, farmers are able to make educated choices and establish sustainable practices. Trust and plenty are continually fostered in the Philippine agricultural landscape by Planters Products during each harvest.

6. AA Bio Tekh Enterprises Co.

The fertilizer industry was turned upside down by AA Bio Tekh Enterprises Co., which was founded in 2004. They embarked on a quest to assist Filipino farmers by introducing them to the benefits of organic solutions, motivated by the growing need for sustainable methods. They began their quest by improving soil health and tapping into the land’s inherent fertility through the careful creation of compost and fertilizers made from humic acid.

City & Country: Tamil Nadu, Philippines

Established Date: 2004

Key Products: Humic Acid, Soil Conditioner

Company Image:

AA Bio Tekh Enterprises Co company1

Product Image:

AA Bio Tekh Enterprises Co company2

AA Bio Tekh stands out for its exceptional understanding of organic farming and its ability to nurture soil and subsequent generations. Soil structure, microbial activity, and nutrient absorption can all be improved with the help of our variety of compost-based bio-stimulants and fertilizers. The result is better crop health and increased yields. They place a premium on R&D, constantly looking for methods to improve their organic formulas and find ways to adapt their solutions to specific crop needs and geographical areas. In order to help farmers make the switch to organic operations, they provide more than simply supplies; they also have comprehensive training and support programs.

7. Filipinas Agri-Planters Supply, Inc.

In the Philippines, FILIPINAS AGRI-PLANTERS SUPPLY, INCORPORATED has been a reputable name in agriculture for almost 40 years. Their mission from the beginning was very clear: to be the go-to resource for farmers and become their best partner. They used to sell just seeds and seedlings, but now they sell a whole lot more, including irrigation systems, farm machinery, fertilizers, and more.

City & Country: Philippines

Established Date: n/a

Key Products: NPK

By using its vast network and wealth of knowledge, FILIPINAS AGRI-PLANTERS SUPPLY, INCORPORATED, offers farmers unparalleled convenience and expert advice. Their extensive product line includes everything from seeding and planting to harvesting and beyond, covering every step of farming. Competitive pricing and consistent supply chains are the results of their strong relationships with manufacturers. Also, the agronomists on staff are experts in their fields, so they can help farmers make smart decisions and get the most out of their businesses by providing them with sound technical guidance. They facilitate farming by taking some of the burden off farmers’ shoulders, allowing them to focus on growing bountiful crops.

8. Agrichem Corporation

Since its founding in 2000, Agrichem has become well-known for its extensive knowledge and ability to provide tailored solutions. Imported fertilizers were first distributed by them; later, they established their own mixing facilities to address the unique needs of crops and soil types in different areas.

City & Country: Philippines

Established Date: 2000

Key Products: NPK, Seed

Company Image:

Agrichem Corporation company1

Product Image:

Agrichem Corporation company2

Agrichem stands out for its dedication to meeting the unique needs of farmers and making sure they succeed. Soil testing is just one of the many services they offer, and they tailor fertilizer recommendations to each crop and soil type. By providing thorough training and technical support, our agronomists help farmers maximize their profits and crop yields.

9. Atlas Fertilizer Corp.

Established in 1957 with a steadfast dedication to fulfilling the diverse needs of Philippine agriculture, Atlas Fertilizer Corporation is located in the vibrant metropolis of Makati. Their goal, driven by a passion for customization and an unwavering commitment to quality, was to develop unique fertilizer mixes for different crops and soil types. Currently, they provide a wide range of micronutrient solutions, ammonium phosphates, and NPK fertilizers to farmers around the nation.

City & Country: Legazpi Village Makati City, Philippines

Established Date: 1957

Key Products: Micronutrient Solution, Ammonium Phosphate, NPK

Company Image:

Atlas Fertilizer Corp company1

Product Image:

Atlas Fertilizer Corp company2

When it comes to fertilizer formulation, Atlas really shines. By meticulously analyzing soil conditions and crop needs, our team of agricultural specialists formulates customized blends that enhance crop yields by optimizing nutrient balance. To ensure that their goods consistently deliver on their promises of effectiveness and value, the corporation strictly adheres to quality control standards. On top of that, their distribution network is super efficient, so farmers in the Philippines always get what they need when they need it.

10. Manchem Marketing, Inc.

When it first opened its doors in 1976, Manchem Marketing Incorporated served as a conduit for state-of-the-art agricultural solutions and global knowledge to the Philippines. They began by giving farmers access to cutting-edge formulations and technology through a broad range of well-respected fertilizer brands. They have expanded their offerings to encompass fertilizers, seeds, agricultural equipment, crop protection goods, and more, solidifying their position as a one-stop shop for all things related to farming.

City & Country: KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

Established Date: 1976

Key Products: NPK

Company Image:

Manchem Marketing Inc company1

Product Image:

Manchem Marketing Inc company2

Manchem Marketing Incorporated equips farmers with the knowledge and resources they require to make educated choices. The vast array of products on the market gives farmers the freedom to select the optimal solutions for their crops and activities, taking into account their specific requirements and financial constraints. Their commitment to education surpasses that of a mere product vendor. To assist farmers in improving their farm management abilities and increasing crop yields, they provide comprehensive training programs and technical support. Also, farmers will have access to cutting-edge farming technology because of the strong relationships with worldwide brands.

11. Yara Philippines

A world leader in mineral fertilizer production and industrial products, Yara has been around since 1905. Hydropowering the production of nitrogen fertilizers was the first step on their path to a robust presence in over 130 nations. The saga of Yara Philippines Fertilizer Supplier takes place in the Philippines. Its founding in 2005 was driven by a desire to provide cutting-edge knowledge and creative solutions to the Philippines.

City & Country: Taguig City, Philippines

Established Date: 1905

Key Products: Nitrate Fertilizer, Compound Fertilizer, Micronutrient Fertilizer

Company Image:

Yara Philippines company1

Product Image:

Yara Philippines company2

When it comes to integrating international knowledge with in-depth familiarity with local dynamics, Yara Philippines really shines. In order to meet the unique needs of Filipino crops and soil, they draw on their extensive knowledge of research and development conducted across the world to develop innovative fertilizer formulas. Beyond mere items, this dedication to individuality extends. To help farmers get the most out of their fertilizer, our agronomists are available to provide them with training and technical support. Nutrient efficiency and responsible production practices, which seek to maximize land productivity while minimizing environmental damage, are reflected in their commitment to sustainability.

12. FMC Corporation

FMC Corporation, an agricultural sciences company, has been at the forefront of agricultural innovation since its establishment. With a global footprint, FMC is dedicated to advancing sustainable agriculture through cutting-edge research and development. Their portfolio includes a broad range of products, such as crop protection chemicals, plant health solutions, and precision agriculture technologies. FMC’s commitment to sustainability is evident in their ambitious goal to achieve net-zero emissions by 2035, showcasing their role as environmental stewards in the agricultural sector.

City & Country: Philippines

Established Date: 1928

Key Products: NPK, Fungicide, Herbicide

Company Image:

FMC Corporation company1

The company’s recent achievements highlight its leadership in the industry. FMC’s recognition for its practices in social responsibility, ethics, and sustainability underscores its commitment to not just the agricultural community but also to a broader societal impact. With strategic appointments and executive leadership changes, FMC continues to adapt and lead in the dynamic agricultural sciences field. Their focus on biologically-based crop solutions represents a shift towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices, ensuring that FMC Corporation remains a key player in the global effort to feed the world sustainably.


A diverse collection of individuals, the fertilizer suppliers, power the backbone of Philippine agriculture. Each one adds a distinctive touch to the fabric of farmer achievement. Featuring a depth of worldwide knowledge and an emphasis on organic solutions, the top ten vendors presented above offer a diverse array of products to accommodate any crop, budget, or goal.

Finding the right partner to help you maximize your land’s potential is possible regardless of the type of farming you do. Feel free to explore, experiment with, and fully appreciate the diverse range of fertilizer solutions offered in the Philippines.

FAQs related to fertilizer manufacturers in the Philippines

What is the present status of the organic fertilizer industry in the Philippines?

The organic fertilizer industry in the Philippines is steadily growing, driven by increased awareness of sustainable farming practices and government support. The focus is on utilizing natural resources and reducing environmental impact, with more farmers adopting organic methods and local manufacturers expanding their product range.

What Are The Top Fertilizer Companies in the Philippines?

The top fertilizer companies in the Philippines include HANS, Planters Products, Atlas Fertilizer Corp., Manchem Marketing, Inc., and Yara Philippines. These companies excel in providing diverse fertilizer solutions, including organic and inorganic options, tailored to the unique agricultural needs of the Philippines.

Who Is The Leading Manufacturer Of Fertilisers?

The leading manufacturer of fertilizers in the Philippines varies based on the type of fertilizer and market share. Companies like HANS and Sagrex Corporation are prominent players known for their extensive range and innovative products. They lead in both production and distribution, catering to a wide range of agricultural needs.

Who Is The Largest Producer Of Fertilizer In The Philippines?

The largest producer of fertilizer in the Philippines can be subjective, as different companies specialize in various types of fertilizers. However, entities like HANS and Planters Products are significant contributors to fertilizer production in the country, offering a broad spectrum of products and extensive distribution networks.

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