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Top 11 Fertilizer Suppliers in South Africa

Discover the top 11 fertilizer suppliers in South Africa, powering agriculture with innovation and sustainability, from organic to high-tech solutions.

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A hidden band of remarkable people lives in the vast African wilderness, between sugarcane and citrus trees that blow in the breeze and maize fields that sway in the wind.

This is not an ordinary band of warriors, armed with spears and shields. They are farmers armed with fertilizer and wisdom.

However, behind the success of these gallant farmers are fertilizer suppliers who ceaselessly help farmers have a bountiful harvest.

If you’re intrigued to know these top fertilizer suppliers in South Africa, then keep reading this article.



Key Products



NPK, Calcium Nitrate, Ammonium Sulphate

Humefert Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd.


NPK, Soil Conditioners,  Bio-Stimulants

Omnia Fertilizer


Granular Fertilizer, Crop Protection, Animal Feed



Phosphate-Based Fertilizer, Ammonia

L M Marketing


Micronutrients Mixed Fertilizer, NPK

Kynoch Fertilizer


NPK, Custom Blend, Bio-Stimulant

Bell Africa AgriTraders


Granular, Liquid Fertilizer

Amandla Fertilizer


NPK, Organic Fertilizer

Agrichem Corporation


NPK, Seed



Soil Conditioner

Gawin Commodities


Organic Fertilizer, Bio-Stimulant

UPL Limited


Seed, Liquid Fertilizer


hans leading fertilizer manufacturer logo

Established in 2009, HANS has rooted itself deeply in the global agricultural sector, reflecting a growth trajectory similar to that of esteemed companies like Humefert Manufacturing. Beginning with an acute awareness of the varied requirements of crops and soil conditions, HANS embarked on a journey to craft tailored fertilizer solutions. Their team, consisting of expert agronomists and dedicated researchers, ensures that each product adheres to the highest standards of excellence and effectiveness.

City & Country: Qingdao, China

Established Date: 2009

Key Products: NPK, Calcium Nitrate, Ammonium Sulphate

Company Image:

HANS company1

Factory Image:

HANS company2

Growing into a global powerhouse, HANS specializes in a broad spectrum of fertilizer products. Their unwavering commitment to research and development positions them at the forefront of agricultural innovation. They are constantly exploring new methods to improve their offerings, addressing the dynamic challenges faced in modern agriculture.

HANS is committed to producing fertilizers that not only enhance crop yields but also reduce environmental impact, pushing the limits of agricultural technology. Their advanced manufacturing facilities and stringent quality control processes guarantee top-tier products. Furthermore, their extensive global distribution network ensures that these high-quality fertilizers are readily accessible to farmers around the world, including diverse regions like South Africa, guaranteeing efficient and prompt delivery.

2. Humefert Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd.

Humefert, which has been around since 1970, is firmly rooted in the fertile ground of South African farming knowledge. Starting with the specific crops and soil conditions of South Africa, they set out on their quest to develop customized fertilizer blends. Agronomists and researchers were consulted to guarantee the formulations were of the highest quality. They have grown into a national powerhouse in the production and distribution of nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium (NPK) fertilizers, micronutrient mixes, and custom solutions.

City & Country: Western Cape, South Africa

Established Date: 1970

Key Products: NPK, Soil Conditioners,  Bio-Stimulants

Company Image:

Humefert company1

Product Image:

Humefert company2

Humefert stands out for its unwavering commitment to R&D. They are at the forefront of creating innovative solutions to address changing agricultural problems, and their in-house labs are always improving existing formulae. In order to provide fertilizers of the greatest quality that optimize yields while minimizing environmental impact, we are devoted to pushing the limits of innovation. Beyond the product itself, their dedication to efficiency extends. South African farmers can rest assured that their supplies will arrive promptly and be easily accessible thanks to their robust distribution network.

3. Omnia Fertilizer

Omnia Fertilizer, a highly renowned company in South Africa, has a long-standing history dating back to 1953. They broadened their range of products to include crop protection, animal feed, agricultural technologies, and other offerings after initially focusing on fertilizers. To better assist farmers, a comprehensive network has been established across Africa and other regions, ensuring valuable insights and customized solutions.

City & Country: Gauteng, South Africa

Established Date: 1953

Key Products: Granular Fertilizer, Crop Protection, Animal Feed

Company Image:

Omnia Fertilizer company1

Factory Image:

Omnia Fertilizer company2

Omnia excels in its data-driven approach and offers a wide range of exceptional products and services. They offer a wide range of products for farmers, including seeds, fertilizer, tools, and irrigation systems. They optimize resource utilization and provide personalized fertilizer recommendations through their Omnia Precision Agriculture subsidiary, leveraging soil testing and advanced data processing. Modern innovations such as precision sprayers and automated irrigation systems are the result of their strong dedication to research and development.

4. Purefert

By putting an emphasis on the future of agriculture, Purefert, which was introduced in 2003, shook up the oversaturated conventional fertilizer market. They began by adapting fertilizer recommendations to each field’s specific needs using digital tools and soil analysis procedures. Providing farmers with a data-driven approach to increase nutrient delivery and maximize yields, they are now at the forefront of precision agriculture solutions.

City & Country: Limassol, Cyprus

Established Date: 2003

Key Products: Phosphate-Based Fertilizer, Ammonia

Company Image:

Purefert company1

When it comes to cutting-edge technology and analytical methods, Purefert really shines. For accurate nutrient mapping, they employ high-tech soil mapping and analysis techniques, which ensure that fertilizers are administered when and where they are needed. There will be less trash, less impact on the environment, and more money in the pockets of farmers as a result. Farmers are able to make educated decisions about fertilizer application tactics because they are committed to knowledge.

5. L M Marketing

When it first opened its doors in 1964, L M Marketing was a lifesaver for farmers in South Africa. At the outset, they had one goal: to become the ideal partner for farmers, supplying them with everything they needed to succeed in the agricultural sector. They used to sell just seeds, but now they sell irrigation systems, farm equipment, and crop protection solutions, among many other things.

City & Country: South Africa

Established Date: 1964

Key Products: Micronutrients Mixed Fertilizer, NPK

Company Image:

L M Marketing

The extensive network and diverse product range of L M Marketing are its strongest points. They have trustworthy supply chains for all of their items and can offer reasonable prices because of their strong relationships with manufacturers. To help farmers make educated decisions and get the most out of their operations, their team of seasoned agronomists provides helpful technical advice and support. The platform’s one-stop shop concept also streamlines the agricultural process, which frees up farmers to focus on what really matters: growing prolific crops.

6. Kynoch Fertilizer

With a long and storied past that began in 1919, Kynoch Fertilizer has built a reputation for unmatched expertise and relentless pursuit of new ideas. Importing and mixing fertilizers specifically formulated for crops and soil conditions in South Africa was the first step in their quest for quality. They have grown into a major player in the South African and surrounding nations’ fertilizer markets, supplying NPK, custom blends, and bio-stimulants.

City & Country: Sandton, South Africa

Established Date: 1919

Key Products: NPK, Custom Blend, Bio-Stimulant

Company Image:

Kynoch company1

Product Image:

Kynoch company

Kynoch stands out for its unwavering commitment to providing exceptional quality and tailored solutions. To ensure that farmers obtain trustworthy and worthwhile products, they put a premium on upholding high-quality standards throughout the board. Our committed group of agronomists works side by side with farmers to fully grasp their specific needs. Because of this, we are able to formulate unique fertilizer mixes that solve certain problems and increase crop yields. Additionally, fertilizer formulas and sustainable methods are continuously improved as a consequence of their commitment to research and development.

7. Bell Africa AgriTraders

The founders of Bell Africa AgriTraders set out in 1997 with the intention of helping farmers succeed by giving them access to expert advice and individualized solutions. The company quickly grew from its humble beginnings as a provider of premium granular and liquid fertilizers to a provider of micronutrient blends, specialized items, and agronomic services. These days, they serve farmers in South Africa and the surrounding nations as a leading provider of plant nutrients.

City & Country: Howick, South Africa

Established Date: 1997

Key Products: Granular, Liquid Fertilizer

Company Image:

Bell Africa AgriTraders company1

Product Image:

Bell Africa AgriTraders company2

When it comes to precision agriculture and information exchange, Bell Africa is unrivaled. In order to help farmers make educated decisions about fertilizer application and crop management, they proactively work with them by providing training programs, workshops, and technical support. In order to maximize crop yields while avoiding harm to the environment, our team of agronomists uses cutting-edge soil testing and analytical methods to produce individualized fertilizer recommendations and nutrient schedules. With a wealth of agronomic guidance, product details, and customer success stories, their website serves as an invaluable resource for farmers.

8. Amandla Fertilizer

The founders of Amandla Fertilizer set out in 2013 with the mission of educating farmers and raising public awareness about the importance of soil health; the name “Amandla” means “power” in Zulu. They set out on their mission by making it a top priority to teach farmers how to do soil tests and understand the specific nutritional needs of different crops. Their strategies for achieving the ideal nutrient balance while decreasing environmental effects have made them a leading provider of soil testing services and individualized fertilizer recommendations.

City & Country: South Africa

Established Date: 2013

Key Products: NPK, Organic Fertilizer

Company Image:

Amandla Fertilizer company

When it comes to precision agriculture and soil health, Amandla really shines. Using state-of-the-art soil testing technology, they can identify possible imbalances and nutrient deficits, providing farmers with data-driven insights. By utilizing this information, they create and recommend customized fertilizer mixes, ensuring even distribution of nutrients and efficient use of resources. Their dedication to R&D ensures that their soil testing procedures and fertilizer recommendations are always being fine-tuned for optimal efficacy.

9. Agrichem Corporation

South Africa has been an important market for Agrichem Corporation since 2000, despite the fact that the majority of the company’s foreign content focuses on Australia. Recognizing the necessity of reliable crop nutrition solutions for farmers in South Africa, they began their adventure by focusing on the import and distribution of top-notch fertilizers. Agrichem has grown into a leading national provider of crop protection chemicals, specialty mixes, and NPK fertilizers, meeting the demands of farmers all over the nation.

City & Country: Australia

Established Date: 2000

Key Products: NPK, Seed

Company Image:

Agrichem Corporation company1

Product Image:

Agrichem Corporation company2

When it comes to assisting farmers in making the most of their land, Agrichem really shines at integrating knowledge with innovation. Their meticulous soil testing and customized fertilizer recommendations demonstrate their dedication to providing tailored services. Agronomists on our team work directly with farmers to learn about their specific soil types, crop requirements, and challenges. We may then use this information to formulate unique fertilizer mixes that will boost growth and harvest success. To ensure that farmers always get valued and effective products, Agrichem places a premium on implementing rigorous quality control procedures in all parts of their business. In order to provide consistent performance while cutting down on waste, they employ only high-quality raw materials and adhere to stringent international production standards.

10. Cudolog

A novel technique for fertilizer recommendations was introduced by Cudolog in 2014. Insight into the power of analytics and data led them to embark on a quest to provide farmers with cutting-edge precision agriculture tools. Their adventure began with the development of a platform that monitors weather patterns, crop growth, and soil conditions through the utilization of data. They have now become leaders in precision agriculture services, helping farmers optimize yields while reducing environmental impact through personalized fertilizer recommendations and insightful data.

City & Country: Johannesburg, South Africa

Established Date: 2014

Key Products: Soil Conditioner

Company Image:

Cudolog company1

Modern technology and a data-driven strategy are Cudolog’s strong suits. When they examine fields, they use cutting-edge technology that pinpoints nutrient shortages and yield restrictions with pinpoint accuracy. They then use this information to make specific suggestions for fertilizer, which helps with both efficiency and optimal nutrient application. Additionally, their platform provides farmers with visualization tools and up-to-date data, so they can monitor crop health closely and make informed decisions all season long.

11. Gawin Commodities

Gawain Commodities was founded in 2015 with sustainability as its guiding philosophy. As a first step, they championed sustainable farming practices and worked to connect farmers with green fertilizer solutions. They have worked closely with farmers to encourage the growth of healthy soil and environmental preservation, and today, they are known as a leading supplier of organic fertilizers, bio-stimulants, and soil amendments.

City & Country: Durban, South Africa

Established Date: 2015

Key Products: Organic Fertilizer, Bio-Stimulant

Company Image:

Gawin Commodities company

When it comes to sustainability and building long-term connections with farmers, Gawin Commodities really shines. Their mission is to reduce their environmental effect while simultaneously increasing soil health through the distribution of certified organic fertilizers and bio-stimulants. In order to develop customized organic fertilizer programs and include sustainable farming methods, our agronomists work closely with farmers. The company also places a premium on R&D, with the goal of discovering novel organic solutions to the ever-changing problems faced by farmers.

12. UPL Limited

UPL Limited has revolutionized the agricultural sector with its commitment to sustainability and innovation, particularly through its OpenAg® initiative. This initiative underscores UPL’s dedication to fostering sustainable growth in agriculture without borders, aiming to create a more food-secure world with minimal environmental impact. UPL’s journey in transforming agriculture leverages advanced technologies and data analytics, offering precision agriculture tools that monitor weather patterns, crop growth, and soil conditions. As a leader in precision agriculture services, UPL guides farmers toward optimizing yields and reducing environmental impacts with personalized fertilizer recommendations and actionable insights.

City & Country: South Africa

Established Date: 1969

Key Products: Seed, Liquid Fertilizer

Company Image:

UPL Limited company

Technology and a data-driven approach form the cornerstone of UPL’s strategy, employing state-of-the-art technology to identify nutrient deficiencies and yield barriers accurately. This enables UPL to provide specific fertilizer recommendations that enhance efficiency and optimal nutrient use. Additionally, UPL’s platform offers farmers visualization tools and real-time data, empowering them to monitor crop health closely and make informed decisions throughout the growing season.


Finally, fertilizer suppliers from all around South Africa, from verdant corn plains to citrus orchards basking in the sun, contribute to the country’s thriving agricultural scene. With the help of this complex web, which is the result of farmers’ creativity, expertise, and dedication, they are able to tap into the boundless potential of their land.

Are you in search of dependable vendors to assist you in reaching your agricultural goals? Stop searching now! From data insights to organic solutions, these top ten providers have it all. Never forget that the true joy of farming lies not only in the land itself but also in the connections you create along the road. Get out there and explore the many different types of fertilizers that are available in South Africa.

FAQs Related To Fertilizer Manufacturers In South Africa

How big is the fertilizer market in South Africa?

The fertilizer market in South Africa is substantial and growing, reflecting the country’s strong agricultural sector. With diverse climatic regions and crop types, the demand for various fertilizers is consistently high to ensure optimal crop yields and soil health. This market is supported by both local production and imports, catering to a wide range of farming needs from commercial agriculture to small-scale farming.

Why does South Africa import fertilizer?

South Africa imports fertilizer primarily due to the need for specific types of fertilizers not produced domestically in sufficient quantities. This importation ensures a steady supply of various nutrients essential for different crops and soil conditions. Additionally, importing certain fertilizers can be more cost-effective and ensures that South African farmers have access to a broad spectrum of high-quality fertilizers to meet their diverse agricultural needs.

What Are The Top Fertilizer Companies In South Africa?

The top fertilizer companies in South Africa include HANS, Humefert Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd., and Gawain Commodities. These companies stand out for their diverse product offerings, commitment to quality, and innovative approaches in providing tailored solutions to enhance agricultural productivity and sustainability in South Africa.

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