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Top 11 Fertilizer Suppliers in Russia

Explore the top 11 fertilizer suppliers in Russia for quality agricultural products, offering a range of solutions to enhance soil and crop productivity.

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If you’re in Russia and you need a supply of high-quality fertilizer for your agricultural firm, then reading this piece is your best bet.

There is a good reason for Russia to be proud of its expansive and active agricultural sector, which is dependent on a wide variety of fertilizer suppliers, some of which are well-established while others are not yet well-established.

So, let’s find out who the top 11 suppliers of fertilizers in Russia are.



Key Products



NPK, Calcium Nitrate, Ammonium Sulphate



NPK Blend, DAP, Potash Fertilizer



Organic Fertilizer, Controlled-Release Fertilizer



NPK Mixture, Single-Nutrient Fertilizer

Acron Group


Ammonia, Urea Nitrogen Fertilizer

Yara International ASA


Nitrate Fertilizer, Compound Fertilizer, Micronutrient Fertilizer



Potash Fertilizer



NPK, Ammonium Sulphate



NPK, Micronutrient Blend

Haifa Group Fertilizer


Water-Soluble Fertilizer, Foliar Fertilizer

Soho Fertilizer


NPK, Organic Nitrogen



NPK, Phosphate Fertilizer


HANS, established in 2009, quickly rose to prominence in the fertilizer industry, becoming a key player in China and beyond. This company specializes in producing a wide array of high-quality fertilizers, including various types of NPK blends, Calcium Nitrate, Potassium Humate, and Potassium Sulphate.

City & Country: Qingdao, China

Established Date: 2009

Key Products: NPK, Calcium Nitrate, Ammonium Sulphate

Company Image:

HANS company1

Factory Image:

HANS company2

HANS is renowned for its commitment to research and development, constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of its products. Sustainability is at the core of their operations, with a focus on eco-friendly manufacturing processes and products that support healthy soil and plant growth. Their extensive product range and dedication to quality have enabled them to establish a robust global distribution network, ensuring that their fertilizers are accessible to a wide range of agricultural businesses and farmers worldwide.


Through a merger that took place in 2001, two well-known fertilizer companies came together to establish PhosAgro, a formidable competitor in the market. Additionally, this giant is responsible for the production of a significant amount of potassium and nitrogen, in addition to holding a sizeable piece of the phosphate fertilizer industry in Russia.

City & Country: Russia

Established Date: 2001

Key Products: NPK Blend, DAP, Potash Fertilizer

Company Image:

PhosAgro company1

Product Image:

PhosAgro company2

The mineral fertilizers that PhosAgro specializes in producing are of the highest quality. These include NPK blends, DAP, and potash fertilizers. They place a high value on research and development, and they are always searching for new ways to boost efficiency and innovation while also keeping an eye on the sustainability of their operations. Through their extensive distribution network, they are able to reach customers all around the country.

3. EuroChem

EuroChem experienced rapid expansion after its founding in 2001, which was accomplished via both internal expansion and external acquisitions. The company has established itself as a significant participant in the fertilizer sector, and it has a significant presence in both Europe and Russia.

City & Country: Zug Switzerland

Established Date: 2001

Key Products: Organic Fertilizer, Controlled-Release Fertilizer

Company Image:

EuroChem company1

Product Image:

EuroChem company2

The mineral and organic fertilizers that EuroChem offers are available in a wide variety, making them suitable for both commercial farms and household gardeners. The cutting-edge products that they offer include controlled-release fertilizers and tailored mixes that are designed for a wide range of crops and soil types. As part of their commitment to long-term viability, they provide financial support for research into more effective manufacturing procedures.

4. Uralchem

Uralchem, which was established in 2007 and has been a pioneer in the mineral fertilizer sector ever since currently holds a dominant position in the Russian markets for urea and potassium chloride.

City & Country: Moscow, Russia

Established Date: 2007

Key Products: NPK Mixture, Single-Nutrient Fertilizer

Company Image:

Uralchem company1

Uralchem offers a strong emphasis on efficiency and economy by stocking a variety of traditional NPK mixtures as well as single-nutrient fertilizers. Because of how well they keep prices down, they are highly sought after by farmers who are economical. Due to their unwavering dedication to logistics, they are able to ensure that supplies are made in a timely manner across the entirety of Russia.

5. Acron Group

Since the company’s inception in 1961, Acron Group has developed into a significant player in the markets for ammonia and urea nitrogen fertilizer.

City & Country: Russia

Established Date: 1961

Key Products: Ammonia, Urea Nitrogen Fertilizer

Company Image:

Acron Group company

The Acron Group takes great satisfaction in the fact that they are able to manufacture fertilizers that are of exceptional quality and efficiency. This is made possible by their cutting-edge production facilities and cutting-edge technology. Through the use of research and development, they are dedicated to discovering ways to ensure that they are as productive as possible while also reducing the amount of damage they cause to the environment. By concentrating on exports, they were able to establish themselves as a major player in the international fertilizer industry.

6. Yara International ASA

This mineral fertilizer business powerhouse has a long and storied history that began in 1905. It is based in Norway. Its dominance in the market is further cemented by its firm presence in Russia. They began their adventure by making nitrate fertilizers using hydropower in Norway. They have expanded their offerings to include a variety of specialist fertilizers, micronutrient solutions, and NPK blends.

City & Country: Russia

Established Date: 1905

Key Products: Nitrate Fertilizer, Compound Fertilizer, Micronutrient Fertilizer

Company Image:

Yara Philippines company1

Product Image:

Yara Philippines company2

Yara offers Russian farmers cutting-edge solutions by drawing on its vast global knowledge and robust research capabilities. Their primary focus is on precision agriculture, which involves utilizing digital technologies and soil analysis to optimize fertilizer application efficiency while minimizing environmental impact. By using energy-efficient manufacturing processes and providing novel solutions like controlled-release fertilizers, they prioritize sustainability. When it comes to helping farmers succeed, they provide more than simply supplies; they also provide training programs and technical support.

7. Silvinit

Currently, Silvinit is in possession of a sizeable piece of the potash fertilizer business in Russia. Silvinit was created as a subsidiary of Uralchem in 2008.

City & Country: Russia

Established Date: 2008

Key Products: Potash Fertilizer

Company Image:

Silvinit company

The enormous potassium resources that Silvinit holds are put to use in the manufacturing of potash fertilizers, which are suitable for a wide range of soils and kinds of crops, respectively. As a result of their dedication to both effectiveness and cost-effectiveness, they have emerged as a viable option for undertaking projects of a substantial scale. One of the things that sets them apart from the other businesses operating in their sector is the unwavering dedication they have to the well-being and security of their workforce.

8. PhosAgro-Region

2007 marked the beginning of FosAgro’s PhosAgro-Region division, which was created in 2007. The delivery of fertilizers across the Russian Federation is the principal business operation that it engages in.

City & Country: Russia

Established Date: 2007

Key Products: NPK, Ammonium Sulphate

Company Image:

PhosAgro Region company

Product Image:

PhosAgro company2

The superior manufacturing capability and vast product selection offered by FosAgro are utilized by PhosAgro-Region in order to meet all of the fertilizer requirements that are posed by farmers. It is widely acknowledged that the technical support and customer service that they offer to farmers are highly valued. This is because they offer farmers helpful advice.

9. Minudobrenie

Minudobrenie has been at the forefront of the production of high-quality NPK fertilizers and micronutrient blends ever since the company was founded in the year 2003.

City & Country: 

Established Date: 

Key Products: 

Company Image:

Minudobrenie company1

Factory Image:

Minudobrenie company2

In order to demonstrate their dedication to offering individualized service, Minudobrenie creates one-of-a-kind fertilizer combinations for each and every one of their customers. These mixtures are created by taking into consideration the particular crop requirements and the soil composition of the land that each unique client owns. They are always attempting to bring about improvements in the composition of their fertilizer since they place a high importance on innovation and are looking for ways to improve it. Because of the outstanding degree of technical experience that they offer, they are the ideal partner for farmers who are eager to increase their yields to their full potential.

10. Haifa Group Fertilizer

The Haifa Group Fertilizer company was established in Israel in 1966, and since then, it has developed into a prominent provider of micronutrient solutions and specialized fertilizers. In order to get started on their mission, they first developed fertigation fertilizers, which are substances that dissolve in water. Since then, they have broadened their product line to include a multitude of specialized things that are specifically designed for particular types of soil and crops.

City & Country: Russia

Established Date: 1966

Key Products: Water-Soluble Fertilizer, Foliar Fertilizer

Company Image:

Haifa Group Fertilizer company1

Product Image:

Haifa Group Fertilizer company2

The remarkable understanding of plant physiology and the need for nutrients that Haifa possesses makes them stand apart. They provide one-of-a-kind solutions that improve crop quality by addressing specific challenges that have been identified. By concentrating on water-soluble and foliar fertilizers, they demonstrate their commitment to achieving the goal of maximum nutrient absorption while simultaneously reducing water consumption. Because of this, they are an attractive mate in dry conditions, such as those found in certain regions of Russia. They devote a significant amount of resources to research and development, and they are consistently looking for more effective solutions to the challenges that farmers are confronted with.

11. Soho Fertilizer

City & Country: Russia

Established Date: 2004

Key Products: NPK, Organic Nitrogen

Soho Fertilizer offers solutions that are not only cost-effective but also inexpensive, and they are available for both large-scale corporations and small-scale farms. This is made possible by their massive production capacity and extensive distribution network, which enables them to offer inexpensive costs to customers located all across the country. Frugal farmers have a high regard for them because they place a strong emphasis on both the efficiency of their operations and the cost-effectiveness of their products. To add insult to injury, they place a high priority on the development of efficient transportation networks in order to guarantee prompt delivery across Russia’s substantial territory.

12. Mivena

Mivena distinguishes itself in the specialty fertilizers market with over 25 years of experience, focusing on innovation and sustainability. Unlike PhosAgro’s merger-driven expansion in Russia, Mivena has carved its niche by developing targeted solutions for turf care, field-grown cultures, and substrates. Their product range, including Controlled Release Fertilizers (CRF), Slow Release Fertilizers (SRF), and Water Soluble Fertilizers (WSF), showcases a commitment to enhancing crop health and yield through specialized, sustainable practices.

City & Country: Maastricht, Holland

Established Date: 1999

Key Products: NPK, Phosphate Fertilizer

Company Image:

Mivena company

At the core of Mivena’s strategy is a robust commitment to research and development, paralleling industry giants like PhosAgro in their pursuit of innovation and efficiency. Mivena’s dedication to creating precise fertilizer solutions supports modern agriculture’s evolving needs, ensuring their products not only meet but exceed client expectations worldwide. Through a network of distributors, Mivena ensures the accessibility of its high-quality, specialized products, reinforcing its position as a key player in the global market for sustainable agricultural solutions.


Across the fertile landscapes of Russia, a large number of farmers are able to pursue their aspirations thanks to the existence of a solid network of fertilizer providers. Agricultural success can be attained by a wide variety of businesses, ranging from long-standing behemoths such as FosAgro and Yara International ASA  to newbies such as Minudobrenie and Green Phos-Agro Region.

When making a final decision, the products that are given by a fertilizer supplier are just one of several factors that are taken into consideration. The most important thing is to find a companion who can assist you in cultivating successful crops by understanding your needs, sharing your ideals, and giving you the necessary tools and assistance. As you study the numerous fertilizer providers in Russia, it is important to keep in mind that the quality of the soil and the solid partnerships that support and nurture it are equally critical aspects in deciding success in this market.

FAQs Related To Fertilizer Manufacturers In Russia

What is Russia’s major fertilizer producer?

PhosAgro is Russia’s major fertilizer producer, well-known for its significant contributions to both the phosphate and nitrogen fertilizer markets. Established from a merger in 2001, PhosAgro has grown into a formidable force, producing high-quality mineral fertilizers like NPK blends, DAP, and potash.

What fertilizer does Russia supply?

Russia primarily supplies a range of mineral fertilizers including nitrogenous fertilizers like urea and ammonium nitrate, phosphate fertilizers such as DAP, and complex NPK blends. Additionally, potash fertilizers are also a significant part of Russia’s fertilizer exports, catering to various agricultural needs.

What Are The Top Fertilizer Companies In Russia?

Prominent fertilizer companies in Russia include HANS, PhosAgro, EuroChem, Uralchem, and Acron Group. These companies specialize in producing a diverse range of fertilizers including nitrogen-based, phosphate-based, and complex NPK fertilizers, contributing significantly to both domestic and global agricultural sectors.


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