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Top 11 Fertilizer Suppliers in Malaysia

Discover the top fertilizer suppliers in Malaysia, each offering unique solutions to enhance soil health and crop yields, crucial for successful agriculture.

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If you’re looking for a reliable supplier of organic and inorganic fertilizers in Malaysia, then this article is absolutely for you.

Do you know that the choices you make about your suppliers have a substantial impact on the crop yields and overall profitability of your business?

The good news is there is a strong agricultural Industry in Malaysia, and fertilizer suppliers are an essential component of this Industry.

Luckily, we’ve made the best collection of the top 11 fertilizer suppliers in Malaysia. Keep reading as we walk you through.



Key Products



NPK, Calcium Nitrate, Ammonium Sulphate

The Koon Huat Agriculture Group (KHAG)


Urea, DAP, Blended Mixtures



Soil Conditioners, Foliar Sprays

Consolidated Fertilizer Corporation (CFC)



Cropmate Fertilizer


Granular Compound Fertilizers

Kusumo Agri Sdn Bhd


Organic Fertilizer, Compost, Bio-Fertilizers

Agri-Bintulu Fertilizers Sdn. Bhd.


NPK Blend, DAP, Potash Fertilizer

Plantsafe Fertilizer Sdn Bhd


Slow-Release Fertilizers

Green Plant Organic


Seaweed, Worm Castings, Compost

Smart Fert



Pertubuhan Peladang Kawasan  (Farmers’ Association)


NPK, Humic Acid, Soil Conditioner



MOP-Based, Chloride Free


HANS, established in 2009, has evolved into a leading force in the fertilizer industry. Initially focusing on the Chinese market, HANS has expanded its reach globally, offering a wide range of high-quality fertilizers. HANS is committed to fertilizer business development in Malaysia and rigorous research and development to ensure that its products meet the highest quality and effectiveness standards.

City & Country: Qingdao, China

Established Date: 2009

Key Products: NPK, Calcium Nitrate, Ammonium Sulphate

Company Image:

HANS company1

Factory Image:

HANS company2

HANS is proud to offer an extensive array of fertilizers. Their products cater to a diverse range of agricultural needs, making them a go-to choice for farmers and agricultural businesses worldwide. With over two decades of experience, HANS has established a reputation for innovation, quality, and a commitment to sustainable practices. Their fertilizers are known for enhancing soil health, plant growth, and yield, making them a trusted partner in the global agricultural sector.

2. The Koon Huat Agriculture Group (KHAG)

KHAG was first established in 1998 with the purpose of supplying goods to melon plantations; however, the company has subsequently moved into the fertilizer industry. The initial focus of their voyage was on exporting around Asia, but as time went on, they shifted their attention to improving the soils of Malaysia. Because of their large distribution network and stringent quality control methods, all farmers now have access to high-quality fertilizers such as urea, DAP, and specifically blended mixtures. This is a significant advancement in agricultural technology.

City & Country: Melaka, Malaysia

Established Date: 1998

Key Products: Urea, DAP, Blended Mixtures

Company Image:

The Koon Huat Agriculture Group company1

Product Image:

The Koon Huat Agriculture Group company2

The KHAG company is pleased to offer a comprehensive selection of fertilizers, soil conditioners, and supplemental services in Malaysia. This is made possible by the company’s extensive history, which spans more than thirty years. Due to the vast array of fertilizers that they offer, which includes organic alternatives, NPK mixtures, and individualized solutions for a variety of crops, they have garnered a reputation for being innovative and committed to providing high-quality products.

3. Everchem

Since its founding in 2000, when two big chemical companies united into one, the Everchem Fertiliser Company has been in operation, and it has a long history of making significant advances in the field of innovation. In a short amount of time, the company shifted its focus from chemicals that were not used in agriculture to the development of customizable fertilizer solutions. In their research facilities, which are now quite active, they are making a continual effort to develop potent NPK mixtures and micronutrient solutions for a variety of crops.

City & Country: PA, Malaysia

Established Date: 2000

Key Products: Soil Conditioners, Foliar Sprays

Company Image:

Everchem company1

Factory Image:

Everchem company2

Everchem is the company you turn to for all of your agricultural requirements because it offers a comprehensive product line that includes both chemicals and fertilizers. Not only do they offer a wide variety of fertilizers that contain nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, but they also offer micronutrient mixtures and specialist fertilizers such as soil conditioners and foliar sprays. When a corporation places a high priority on research and development, it ensures that its products are adapted to meet the particular requirements of the soil and crops in Malaysia.

4. Consolidated Fertilizer Corporation (CFC)

CFC quickly became the most successful company in the bulk fertilizer import and distribution industry after it was established in 1977. The establishment of a wide network was done with the intention of connecting even the most remote regions of Malaysia. Because of their dedication to reaching out to farmers and offering prices that are competitive, they have become an essential component of Malaysia’s agricultural success story.

City & Country: Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Established Date: 1977

Key Products: NPK

Company Image:

Consolidated Fertilizer Corporation company1

Product Image:

Consolidated Fertilizer Corporation company2

Over the course of more than four decades, CFC has been a significant player in the fertilizer sector in Malaysia. Because of their large distribution network and reasonable rates, they have been a popular alternative among farmers who are looking for ways to save money and improve their convenience. Organic variants, specialized blends, and the more generally used NPK formulations are some of the many different types of fertilizer choices that they offer.

5. Cropmate Fertilizer

Cropmate Fertilizer was first presented in 2018 with an approach that was both novel and distinctive. They strongly support the use of bespoke solutions, as opposed to generic ones. Their state-of-the-art facility is a demonstration of their commitment to maximizing the profitability of farmers by precisely crafting fertilizers to match the specific requirements of a variety of crops and soil compositions.

City & Country: Malaysia 

Established Date: 2018

Key Products: Granular Compound Fertilizers

Company Image:

Cropmate Fertilizer company1

Product Image:

Cropmate Fertilizer company2


Despite the fact that it has only been on the market for a short period of time, Cropmate Fertilizer has swiftly established a reputation for producing compaction granular compound fertilizers of exceptional quality. In addition to producing and blending individualized fertilizer solutions for a variety of crops and soil types, they are experts in this field. As a result of their commitment to innovation and their technical expertise, they are an invaluable resource for farmers who are looking to optimize the amount of harvests they receive.

6. Kusumo Agri Sdn Bhd

Though it did not begin in Malaysia, Kusumo Agri came into being in 2016 as a result of a shared goal. In a joint effort to bring organic and sustainable agricultural methods to Malaysian soil, a veteran Japanese agriculturist and a Malaysian entrepreneur established the enterprise. In response to the increasing use of chemical fertilizers and the harm they cause to people and the planet, Kusumo Agri embarked on a quest to provide farmers with an alternative that was rooted in nature and guided by its wisdom.

City & Country: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Established Date: 2016

Key Products: Organic Fertilizer, Compost, Bio-Fertilizers

Company Image:

Kusumo Agri Sdn Bhd company1

Factory Image:

Kusumo Agri Sdn Bhd company2

In Malaysia, Kusumo Agri is well-known for its support of organic fertilizer solutions. Among their many offerings are compost, bio-fertilizers, and specialty blends created from all-natural components, including seaweed, microbial inoculants, and plant extracts. Prioritizing the utilization of natural inputs promotes soil health, reduces environmental impact, and establishes a balanced ecosystem for maximum crop yield.

7. Agri-Bintulu Fertilizers Sdn. Bhd.

Since its founding in 2003, Agri-Bintulu Fertilizers has grown into a major participant in the region’s fertilizer import and distribution market. A robust logistical network was set up to improve the efficiency of fertilizer supply across Sarawak and Sabah, making use of its ideal position near the Bintulu Port. Even to faraway places, they can now assure fast and cheap delivery thanks to their large fleet and simplified procedures.

City & Country: Sarawak, Malaysia

Established Date: 2003

Key Products: NPK Blend, DAP, Potash Fertilizer

The commitment of Agri-Bintulu Fertilizers to making their goods accessible and inexpensive has earned them a stellar reputation. So that farmers can afford fertilizers, they collaborate closely with foreign suppliers to get bulk prices. Because of their dedication to improving logistics, farmers are able to maximize their revenues with low prices and few interruptions. To top it all off, they provide a plethora of fertilizer brands and options to suit any crop variety and budget.

8. Plantsafe Fertilizer Sdn Bhd

In 1983, Plantsafe Fertilizer was born in the bustling city of Shah Alam rather than on a typical field. Their unquenchable desire to revolutionize palm oil production led them to zero in on an often-overlooked factor: optimizing the use of fertilizer. Their revolutionary slow-release fertilizers in environmentally friendly sachets were the first of their kind.

City & Country: Selangor, Malaysia

Established Date: 1983

Key Products: Slow-Release Fertilizers

Company Image:

Plantsafe Fertilizer Sdn Bhd company1

This innovative strategy changed the game forever. Fertilizers made by Plantsafe are engineered to deliver nutrients gradually, minimizing waste and run-off. This guarantees that the palm plants will have a constant and continuous source of food. Gains in efficiency, less waste, and better yields are all possible for plantation owners. Beyond its principal product, its commitment to innovation extends far and wide. They are committed to finding better, more sustainable ways to fertilize crops through research and development of innovative formulations for a variety of crops.

9. Green Plant Organic

In 2006, a new fertilizer known as Green Plant Organic was introduced to the market in response to the growing interest in organic farming. They developed a line of soil conditioners and certified organic fertilizers by harnessing the power of nature in order to meet the growing demand for products that are beneficial to the environment while also being environmentally friendly. By committing themselves to the health of their soil and taking responsibility for the environment, modern farmers are able to nurture not only their land but also their communities.

City & Country: Pahang, Malaysia

Established Date: 2006

Key Products: Seaweed, Worm Castings, Compost

Company Image:

Green Plant Organic company1

Product Image:

Green Plant Organic company2

According to Green Plant Organic Fertiliser, there is a significant need for organic fertilizers and soil conditioners, and the company offers a wide range of certified organic choices to satisfy this desire. A number of natural components, including seaweed, worm castings, and compost, are utilized in the production of their products, which are created with great care. These components contribute to the nourishment of the soil, which in turn helps to increase agricultural production over the long run.

10. Smart Fert

Smart Fert was initially conceived with the intention of delivering an all-encompassing solution to farmers when it was first introduced in 2009. In terms of fertilizers, farm machinery, and agricultural supplies, they provided a wide variety of options, ranging from NPK mixtures to cutting-edge instruments. They also offered a vast range of alternatives. It is now possible for farmers who are looking for integrated agricultural support to rely on their wide variety of solutions and the assistance of experts.

City & Country: Selangor, Malaysia

Established Date: 2009

Key Products: NPK

Company Image:

Smart Fert company1

Product Image:

Smart Fert company2

At Smart Fert, you may purchase a wide variety of agricultural products, farm equipment, and fertilizers simultaneously. Not only do they have their own brand of specialized NPK fertilizers, but they also have a wide selection of other brands of fertilizer. As a result of their dedication to offering farmers comprehensive solutions and technical assistance, they are an extremely beneficial resource for individuals who are looking for a more holistic approach to agriculture.

11. Pertubuhan Peladang Kawasan  (Farmers’ Association)

Even when only non-commercial suppliers are taken into consideration, the role of Farmers’ Associations in Malaysian agriculture is enormous. Farmers from all around the country are represented by them, and they frequently utilize their combined influence to negotiate more favorable conditions with fertilizer firms. Furthermore, with the assistance of their knowledgeable guidance and helpful extension services, farmers are able to make more informed decisions regarding their crop production.

City & Country: Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Established Date: 1972

Key Products: NPK, Humic Acid, Soil Conditioner

Company Image:

Pertubuhan Peladang Kawasan company1

Factory Image:

Pertubuhan Peladang Kawasan company2

A fundamental function of Farmers’ Associations is to supply their members with agrochemicals such as fertilizers, even if the associations themselves are not formally sellers of these products. In addition to providing consumers with extension services and technical guidance, they frequently negotiate cheaper pricing with vendors who carry large quantities of inventory. These links have the potential to be an invaluable resource for farmers who are looking for fertilizer solutions that are both dependable and economical.

12. Agrobridge

Agrobridge was established with the mission of enhancing Malaysia’s agricultural productivity by providing a targeted range of fertilizers and agricultural products since its inception in 2000. They offer an extensive array of solutions, from specialized fertilizers tailored to specific crops like durian and oil palm to comprehensive agricultural supports that cater to various farming needs. Their product portfolio includes everything from NPK blends to advanced crop-specific formulations, making them a pivotal resource for farmers seeking to optimize their yields and crop health.

City & Country: Selangor , Malaysia

Established Date: 2000

Key Products: MOP-Based, Chloride Free

Company Image:

Agrobridge company1

Factory Image:

Agrobridge company2

At Agrobridge, farmers can access a wide variety of high-quality fertilizers and agricultural products designed to meet the unique needs of different crops and farming conditions. With a commitment to both innovation and customer support, Agrobridge ensures that every farmer receives the best possible products and guidance to achieve successful and sustainable agricultural outcomes. Their holistic approach to agriculture, coupled with expert advice and tailored solutions, positions Agrobridge as an essential partner for farmers aiming to enhance productivity and maintain environmental sustainability.


Malaysia’s agricultural landscape is enriched by a diverse range of fertilizer suppliers, each contributing its own unique element to support the success of farmers. From well-established companies like Koon Huat and Everchem to smaller, more innovative players like Cropmate and Green Plant Organic Fertilizer, this market offers a wide range of options to meet various needs and preferences.

No matter your background, there is a fertilizer that is perfect for you. It will help nourish your soil and support your gardening aspirations. So, embrace the beauty of diversity and always keep in mind that in Malaysia’s fertilizer landscape, successful harvests are not only dependent on the quality of the soil but also on the strong partnerships you build along the journey.

FAQs Related To Fertilizer Manufacturers In Malaysia

Who is the largest producer of fertilizer in Malaysia?

The title of the largest producer of fertilizer in Malaysia can be attributed to the Consolidated Fertilizer Corporation (CFC). Established in 1977, CFC has grown significantly, becoming a pivotal player in the bulk fertilizer import and distribution industry within Malaysia.

What are the top fertilizer companies in Malaysia?

Malaysia’s top fertilizer companies include HANS, The Koon Huat Agriculture Group (KHAG), Everchem, Consolidated Fertilizer Corporation (CFC), Cropmate Fertilizer, Kusumo Agri Sdn Bhd, Agri-Bintulu Fertilizers Sdn. Bhd., Plantsafe Fertilizer Sdn Bhd, Green Plant Organic, and Smart Fert. These companies have established strong reputations for quality and innovation in the fertilizer sector.

Who are the fertilizer manufacturers in South Malaysia?

In South Malaysia, key fertilizer manufacturers include HANS, Kusumo Agri Sdn Bhd, and Green Plant Organic. These companies focus on sustainable and organic fertilizer solutions, catering to the specific agricultural needs of the southern regions of Malaysia.

What is the future of Malaysia’s fertilizer industry?

The future of Malaysia’s fertilizer industry looks promising, with a growing emphasis on sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. The rise of organic fertilizers and the increasing adoption of innovative technologies in fertilizer production are likely to drive the industry towards more efficient and eco-friendly solutions. Additionally, the integration of digital tools in agriculture will enhance precision farming, further boosting the sector’s growth and efficiency.


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