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Potassium Humate Fertilizer

High-quality potassium humate that met all requirements. For your final implementations, a variety of options are available. 

HANS-Your Professional Potassium Humate Fertilizer Supplier in China

HANS is one of China’s top Potassium Humate producers by focusing on fertilizer production. We can make a variety of fertilizers that are customized to your project’s specific requirements. Hans can provide you with outstanding service and the best quality because he has the most in-depth expertise in China production.

Simply send us a message with your specific Potassium Humate requirement specification. We offer one option to each and every client we deal with, having specialized in the industry for many years.

Organic Potassium Humate

Organic Potassium Humate

HANS Organic Potassium Humate is a humic acid type that is great in agriculture type. It features a seaweed humic acid source.

Extract Potassium Humate

Extract Potassium Humate

HANS Extract Potassium Humate features a black shiny ball appearance. It is 100% purity that is ideal for organic fertilizer application.

High-Purity Potassium Humate

High-Purity Potassium Humate

HANS High-Purity Potassium Humate is perfect for fertilizer application that has a powder state. It features a powder appearance.

Water Soluble Potassium Humate

Water Soluble Potassium Humate

HANS Water Soluble Potassium Humate features a quick-release type. It has a black shiny granular appearance.

Granular Potassium Humate

Agriculture Humic Acid Fertilizer

HANS Agriculture Humic Acid Fertilizer features a 100% purity and powder state. It is an agriculture application.

Super Potassium Humate

Super Potassium Humate

HANS Super Potassium Humate is a potassium fulvate shiny flake type. It has an agriculture application that has the color black.

Agriculture Potassium Humate

Agriculture Potassium Humate

HANS Agriculture Potassium Humate is perfectly great in foliar fertilizer application. It features a granule appearance.

Water Solubility Potassium Humate

Water Solubility Potassium Humate

HANS Water Solubility Potassium Humate is a humic acid potassium type. It has a 100% purity and slow-release type.

Powder Organic Potassium Humate

Powder Organic Potassium Humate

HANS Powder Organic Potassium Humate is a manure type that has a flake state. It has a shiny flake, granular, or black powder appearance.

HANS: Your Best Potassium Humate Supplier in China

Are you searching for the perfect Potassium Humate in China? HANS is the best place for you to go.

HANS has built a solid system over the course of two decades of international and domestic publicity. We are a leading manufacturer and distributor of Potassium Humate in China. Since 2009, we have been assisting our customers in growing their businesses by combining a service-first policy with international market expertise.

We can provide the right Potassium Humate solutions for you, whether you’re a distribution company, manufacturer, or agricultural farmer. Please let us know if you have any special requirements.

Potassium Humate Fertilizer Factory Picture

Potassium Humate Fertilizer Pictures

Potassium Humate Fertilizer Loading and Packing Bags

Potassium Humate Fertilizer Certificates

NPK Ratios

N 15NPK15-5-20NPK15-5-25NPK15-5-27NPK15-5-32
NPK19-19-19NPK20-10-10NPK20-20-15NPK21-21-21N 26
NP 19-19NPK20-10-10NPK20-10-20NP 20-20NPK25-5-15
NPK3-37-37 NPK4-18-38 NPK5-10-10 NPK5-15-45 NPK6-24-12
NPK6-24-24 NPK10-10-40 NPK10-30-20 NPK10-52-10 NPK10-55-10
NPK12-3-43 NPK12-6-22 NPK12-12-36 NPK12-32-16 NPK13-40-13
NPK15-30-15 NPK16-8-24 NPK19-19-19 NPK20-20-20 NPK30-10-10
NPK19-9-19NPK19-38-0NPK19-5-25NPK 20-20-0NPK20-20-13

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HANS- Leading Potassium Humate Manufacturer

Since 2009, HANS has been a dependable Potassium Humate supplier. Our company has been providing high-quality Potassium Humate to your plants/crops for more than 20 years. HANS is your best option if you require Potassium Humate as a grower, agriculturist, or in farming production.

HANS Potassium humate is a powder that is completely water-soluble. It has a large concentration and offers organic substances and potassium, so it not only enhances the physical, chemical, and biological properties of the soil but also offers one of the three main aspects that every plant requires.

It is recommended for diluting in the water with which farmers start preparing the mix and applying it to the soil via the fertigation system, just like conventional liquid humic acids. In addition, we can create a custom formula based on your specifications. It also advantages your farms and businesses in terms of profitability and growth.

Potassium Humate Advantages

HANS manufactures and sells Potassium Humate at a very competitive price. We are constantly conducting thorough testing in order to manufacture quality products that adhere to ISO industry standards.

Potassium Humate can be customized according to your specifications. We can wholeheartedly support your Potassium Humate development and production by combining R&D, manufacturing, marketing, and customer experience. We can achieve superior products under one roof under the guidance of a professional engineering team and with an innovative manufacturing line.

We are known as one of the trusted Potassium Humate manufacturers and suppliers in China as one of the advanced companies. We ship to countries such as Canada, Sri Lanka, the United States, Mexico, Japan, Colombia, Nigeria, and South Africa, among others.

Please contact us right away. We’re here to help you 24/7!

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