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13 Phosphate Fertilizer Manufacturers

Discover the top phosphate fertilizer manufacturers in 2024, excelling in innovation and sustainability, ensuring high-quality fertilizer for efficient farming.

In modern farming, phosphate fertilizers are key to growth and yield. In 2024 many are recognized for innovation, reliability, and sustainability in producing these essential farming inputs.

They make sure farmers have access to quality fertilizers that deliver productivity and environmental responsibility.

By focusing on sustainability and technology, these 13 phosphate fertilizer companies are leading the way for more efficient and environmentally friendly farming.

13 Phosphate Fertilizer Companies of 2024

See the innovation and sustainability in phosphate fertilizer production from these industry leaders. Find out which companies deliver crop nutrition excellence.

Company Name

Establishment Year

Key Products



NPK, Urea, Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer, Phosphate fertilizers

Kimre, Inc.


Phosphate fertilizers, mist eliminators, liquid coalescers, demister pads, drift eliminators.

Indorama Corporation


Nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers, polyester, textiles, cotton fiber, medical gloves.

Impact Fertilizers


Various fertilizer products for agriculture.



Crystal Green fertilizers (granular phosphate fertilizers), high-efficiency fertilizers, phosphorus management solutions.

Nutrien Ltd.


Potash, nitrogen, phosphate fertilizers, ammonium sulfate, crop protection products, seed growth solutions.

Haifa Group


Dipotassium phosphate fertilizer, Multi-K, Haifa Cal prime, Multicote, Soluplant, Poly-Feed.

Fertoz Ltd.


Organic granulated rock phosphate fertilizer, regenerative fertilizers, rock phosphate in granular, powder, micronized forms, pelleted NPK fertilizers.

Fruit Hill Farm


Environmentally friendly house, farm and garden products, organic vegetable seeds, green manures, composts.



Fertilizers, phosphates, feed phosphates.

YARA International


Various fertilizers for crop nutrition, environmental and agricultural solutions.

EuroChem Group AG


Organic fertilizers, controlled-release fertilizers, MAP, ammonia, urea, diammonium phosphate.



Mining and fertilizer production, sustainable plant nutrition solutions.


HANS company1

HANS, a leading name in the global phosphate fertilizer industry, is renowned for its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and high-quality production. Based in China, HANS leverages advanced technologies to manufacture efficient and eco-friendly phosphate fertilizers that meet the growing demands of modern agriculture. Their products are designed to enhance crop yield and soil health, supporting sustainable farming practices. With a strong focus on research and development, HANS continues to drive progress in agricultural solutions, ensuring food security and environmental stewardship.

Contact Information

Address: No.396 Emeishan Road, Huangdao District, Qingdao, China

TEL: +86 532 83281903


2. Kimre, Inc.

Website design for Kimre Inc showcasing modern layout with sleek navigation and vibrant colors

Founded in 1973 and based in Homestead, Florida, USA, Kimre, Inc. is an industrial filter manufacturer. While they are best known for their mist eliminators, liquid coalescers, demister pads and drift eliminators they also produce phosphate fertilizers.

Their filtration solutions are used to control gaseous emissions during the production of phosphate fertilizers to meet environmental regulations and sustainability. By providing filtration technology, Kimre, Inc. helps produce high-quality phosphate fertilizers with minimal environmental impact.

Contact Information


Kimre – Clean Air Technology

744 SW 1st Street

Homestead, Florida 33030 USA

TEL:(305) 233-4249

Fax: (305) 233-8687



3.  Indorama Corporation

Official website of Indorama Group featuring the logo of Indorama Corporation a leading global company

Founded in 1975 by M.L. Lohia and S.P. Lohia, Indorama Corporation started with Indorama Synthetics in Indonesia. It started first with cotton yarn spinning. They diversified into polyester fiber in 1991 and later into PET resin in 2001 and now have a wide range of products.

Based in Singapore, it produces nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers, polyester, textiles, cotton fiber, and medical gloves. They are the largest producer of urea and phosphate fertilizers in Sub-Saharan Africa. And they are committed to agricultural sustainability and innovation and their global position.

Contact Information


143 Cecil Street,

#14-00 GB Building,

Singapore –069542

Tel: +65 6222 1347


4. Impact Fertilizers

Explore the inotec website highlighting the offerings of Impact Fertilizers company

Impact Fertilizers, an Australian-based company has extensive infrastructure and storage capacity. This ensures an uninterrupted supply of all fertilizer products even during peak demand. Their team is responsive to their dealer network and farmers and offers customized solutions.

Customers can get the latest and best fertilizer products in the market from Impact Fertilizers. With innovation and customer satisfaction, Impact Fertilizers are key to agricultural productivity and sustainability in Australia.

Contact Information

Address: Level 8, 5 Queens Road, Melbourne VIC 3004

Mailing Address: PO Box 33315

Domain LPO Melbourne VIC 3004

Phone: +61 3 9649 2800

Fax: +61 3 9626 4900



5. Ostara

Website design for Ostara a natural resources company

Ostara’s Crystal Green fertilizers are the most efficient granular phosphate fertilizers available. They deliver phosphorus, magnesium, and nitrogen for maximum yield and minimal environmental impact. 

These sustainable fertilizers are formulated to provide nutrients in a highly efficient granule. Consequently, nutrients are available season-long and can be applied at reduced rates for maximum crop yield.

Ostara is focused on sustainability and provides products and technology for a more sustainable future. By offering high-efficiency fertilizers and phosphorus management solutions, Ostara minimizes phosphorus release into the environment and is a good environmental steward.

Contact Information


1001 North Warson Rd, Suite 200

St. Louis MO 63132



6. Nutrien Ltd.

Nutrien Ltd company1

Founded in 2018 and based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada Nutrien Ltd. is a manufacturer and distributor of crop inputs and products. They specialize in fertilizers such as potash, nitrogen, phosphate, and ammonium sulfate. Alongside this, they serve the entire agricultural sector with a full range of nutrients, crop protection products, and seed growth solutions.

Nutrien’s products help to increase crop yields and sustainable agriculture. They also provide agronomic advice and support services to growers through their network of over 2,000 retail selling locations. They have their locations in 7 countries and a team of up to 4,000 crop consultants.

Committed to innovation and sustainability, Nutrien continues to be the leader in delivering high-quality crop inputs and solutions to farmers worldwide.

Contact Information


Suite 1700
211 19th Street East
Saskatoon SK S7K 5R6
TEL: (800) 667-0403 (within Canada)
(800) 667-3930 (from the USA)


7. Haifa Group

Haifa Group Fertilizer company1

Founded in 1966 in Haifa, Israel Haifa Group is a global manufacturer and distributor of plant nutrition products and specialty fertilizers. They have Dipotassium Phosphate Fertilizer 0-41-54 among others in their product range which helps to promote plant growth and productivity.

With Multi-K, Haifa Cal prime, Multicote, Soluplant, and Poly-Feed, Haifa Group is focused on application efficiency. They highly prioritize plant nutrition and minimal environmental impact.

They have 17 subsidiaries worldwide and production sites in Canada, France, and Israel.

Contact Information


TEL: +972 74 737 3737


8. Fertoz Ltd.

A responsive WordPress theme designed for farms created by Fertoz Ltd company

Founded in 2012 and based in Vancouver, BC, Fertoz Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of regenerative and organic fertilizers. They specialize in organic granulated rock phosphate fertilizer and offer a range of regenerative fertilizers for organic and conventional farmers and landscapers.

Their product line includes rock phosphate in granular, powder, and micronized forms as well as pelleted NPK fertilizers.

Fertoz has rock phosphate mining projects in Canada, USA and Mexico. Hence, they have a steady supply of raw materials for their fertilizer production.

Contact Information


Suite 100, 111 W. Chicago Avenue

Hinsdale, IL. 60521 USA

TEL: +1 (630) 269 6276


9. Fruit Hill Farm

Online platform of Fruit Hill Farm company displaying farm products blog and customer reviews

Fruit Hill Farm is an Irish supplier specializing in environmentally friendly house, farm, and garden products. Their products are carefully selected to fulfill the needs of organic producers and gardeners. From high-quality garden tools to organic vegetable seeds, green manures, and composts, Fruit Hill Farm has a wide range of products.

Their aim is to supply quality products to environmentally conscious gardeners, growers and farmers across Ireland. Fruit Hill Farm will continue to add more sustainable options to their range to reduce the environmental impact of growing.

Contact Information


Veyranno Ltd Colomane,
Bantry, County Cork,
P75 HV08


Phone: +353 27 50710
FAX: +353 27 51894


10. PhosAgro

PhosAgro company1

PhosAgro is a Russian chemical holding company producing fertilizers, phosphates and feed phosphates. Based in Moscow, Russia PhosAgro has subsidiaries such as Apatit in the Murmansk Region. 

With a focus on agricultural solutions, PhosAgro supplies the nutrients for crop growth and soil fertility. Through their innovative production and quality PhosAgro contributes to the development of the agricultural sector. Additionally, they meet the growing demand for fertilizers and phosphates in Russia and beyond.

Contact Information


119333, Bld 1, 55/1

Leninsky Prospekt

Moscow, Russian Federation

TEL: +7 (495) 232-96-89

FAX: +7 (495) 956-19-02 



11. YARA International

Yara North America company1

Yara is the world’s leading crop nutrition company. It works to address global challenges and create positive change through environmental and agricultural solutions. Yara is committed to being climate neutral and to growing a natural, positive food future.

This means reducing emissions in their own operations. They are developing tools to minimize in-field emissions and preserve biodiversity. Alongside, YARA is leading initiatives to drive a green transition in shipping and other energy intensive sectors by enabling the hydrogen economy.

Yara’s approach is all about creating a more sustainable and resilient approach towards the future of agriculture and the planet.

Contact Information


Yara International ASA

Drammensveien 131

0277 Oslo – Norway

Tel:+47 24 15 70 00


12. EuroChem

EuroChem company1

EuroChem is a global plant nutrition leader, enabling farmers to feed the world’s communities sustainably. They specialize in fertilizers and are meeting the growing demand for food globally.

Their mission is to increase crop yield and quality. EuroChem has a wide range of products to meet the changing needs of farmers. EuroChem helps farmers with innovative fertilizers to increase crop productivity while protecting the environment for future generations.

Contact Information


EuroChem Group
Baarerstrasse 37, 6300 Zug

TEL: +41-41-727-16-00
Fax: +41-41-727-76-06


13. OCP

OCP SA company

Established in 1920 to mine phosphate in Morocco, OCP has evolved to cover the entire plant nutrition cycle. As the OCP Group, we operate across mining and fertilizer production, research, and development. Sustainability is at the heart of our DNA and guides every decision we make.

By transforming our processes and finding ways to do more with less, we aim to contribute to a sustainable future for all. Our commitment to sustainability means we are committed to environmental stewardship and responsible resource management.

Contact Information

Headquarters Address:

Boulevard Al Abtal

BP 5196 – Casablanca




In summary, the top 12 phosphate fertilizer producers are innovative and sustainable in agriculture. They produce the nutrients for crops and are responsible to the environment.

If you are looking for fertilizer manufacturers in China, Hans is leading the way. They are a renowned fertilizer manufacturer that is bringing the revolution. 

Looking forward to the future of farming it’s clear these producers will continue to meet the global food demand. White they will also be reducing their environmental impact. They are committed to excellence and sustainability for a better and more resilient agriculture and planet.


1. How do phosphate fertilizers increase crop yield and quality?

Phosphate fertilizers supply phosphorus, the nutrient for plant growth and development. They help plants develop strong roots, flowers and fruit and increase crop yield and quality.

2. Can phosphate fertilizers be used in organic farming?

Yes, some phosphate fertilizers like rock phosphate and bone meal can be used in organic farming if they meet organic certification standards.

3. What are phosphate fertilizer producers doing to reduce their environmental impact?

They are transforming their production processes to reduce emissions and waste. They are investing in research to develop more efficient and eco-friendly fertilizers and sustainable sourcing practices.

4. What are the long-term effects of phosphate fertilizer on soil health and biodiversity?

Overuse of phosphate fertilizers can lead to soil acidification, nutrient imbalance and impact on soil microbiota and biodiversity. Sustainable fertilizer management is key to mitigate these effects.

5. How do phosphate fertilizer producers ensure their products are safe and quality?

They follow quality control and regulatory guidelines and test before dispatch.

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