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Leading 9 Urea Producers in the World

Explore top global urea producers shaping the fertilizer industry. Discover how these giants drive innovation, sustainability, and efficiency in agriculture.

The fertilizer industry is key to feeding the world’s growing population. Of all the fertilizers, urea is the most widely used nitrogen based fertilizer due to its high nitrogen content and cost.

In this article, we will be looking into the world of urea production. And the top 9 companies that rule the urea market. These companies not only supply most of the world’s urea but also drive innovation, sustainability, and efficiency in urea production.

Join us as we discover the key players shaping the landscape of the urea industry and their contributions to agricultural sustainability.

Top 9 Urea Producers: Global Industry Titans

Meet the Companies That Are Changing Agriculture and how They Are Driving Innovation and Sustainability.

Company Name

Establishment Year

Key Products



NPK, Urea, Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer

CF Industries Holdings, Inc.


Urea, Ammonia, Ammonium Nitrate

EuroChem Group AG


Nitrogen, Phosphates, Potash

Nutrien Ltd.


Potash, Nitrogen Fertilizers

Yara International ASA


Nitrogen-Based Mineral Fertilizers, Urea

Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited (IFFCO)


Urea, NPK Blends, Phosphatic Fertilizers

SABIC (Saudi Basic Industries Corporation)


Chemicals, Plastics, Urea

CJ Chemicals


Urea Chemicals

Koch Fertilizer LLC


Fertilizers, Urea


HANS company1

HANS Chem is a leading Chinese fertilizer producer renowned for its high-quality urea production. Established with a commitment to innovation and sustainability, HANS Chem has significantly contributed to agricultural development by providing efficient and eco-friendly fertilizers.

Their advanced production techniques and rigorous quality control ensure that their urea products meet global standards, supporting farmers worldwide in achieving better crop yields and sustainable farming practices. HANS Chem continues to drive the urea industry forward, emphasizing environmental responsibility and agricultural excellence.

Contact Information

Address: No.396 Emeishan Road, Huangdao District, Qingdao, China

TEL: +86 532 83281903


2. CF Industries Holdings, Inc. (USA)

CF Industries Headquarters website showcasing green energy design

Founded in 1946, this American company is a giant in the agricultural world. With a history spanning over 70 years, they are a renowned manufacturer and distributor of agricultural fertilizers. They are also specializing in urea, ammonia, and ammonium nitrate.

Their commitment to quality and innovation has made them a trusted supplier of the nutrients that crops need to grow and yield. Through their extensive distribution network and state-of-the-art production facilities, they are key to global food security and sustainable agriculture.

Contact Information

CF Industries Headquarters

2375 Waterview Drive

Northbrook, Illinois 60062

TEL: (847) 405-2400


3. EuroChem Group AG (Switzerland)

EuroChem company1

EuroChem Group AG, based in Zug, Switzerland, is a Swiss fertilizer producer with production capabilities across all three macronutrients: nitrogen, phosphates, and potash.

As a global leader in the agricultural industry, EuroChem manufactures and distributes agricultural chemicals and is a major contributor to global crop nutrition. With a strong presence in the industry, EuroChem is one of the world’s largest nitrogen fertilizer producers with a focus on urea.

Through their commitment to innovation and sustainability, EuroChem will continue to be a major player in agriculture.

Contact Information

EuroChem Group
Baarerstrasse 37, 6300 Zug

Tel: +41-41-727-16-00
Fax: +41-41-727-76-06


4. Nutrien Ltd. (Canada)

Nutrien Ltd company1

Nutrien based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan is a Canadian fertilizer company with global reach. They are the world’s largest potash producer, a nutrient essential for crop growth.

They are also the third-largest nitrogen fertilizer producer in the world and a major player in the fertilizer industry. With innovation, sustainability, and agricultural excellence, Nutrien will continue to support farmers and ensure global food security.

Contact Information


Suite 1700
211 19th Street East
Saskatoon SK S7K 5R6

TEL: (306) 933-8500
(800) 667-0403 (within Canada)
(800) 667-3930 (from the USA)


5. Yara International ASA (Norway)

Yara North America company1

Yara International ASA based in Norway is a major urea producer. While they are well known for their range of fertilizer products including nitrogen based mineral fertilizers Yara also manufacture urea.

As a urea producer Yara uses their production facilities and technical expertise to deliver high quality urea to the global market. With a focus on sustainability Yara are developing urea production processes that minimize environmental impact and meet the growing demands of agriculture.

Through innovation and hard work, Yara will continue to supply urea fertilizers for sustainable crop production.

Contact Information


Yara International ASA

Drammensveien 131

0277 Oslo – Norway

Tel:+47 24 15 70 00


6. Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited (IFFCO) (India)

Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited IFFCO company2

Established in 1967 the Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited (IFFCO) is India’s largest cooperative society based in New Delhi. With over 36,000 Indian cooperatives they also cover General Insurance and Rural Telecom.

With over 55 million farmers through their network, even in remote areas, IFFCO’s impact goes beyond borders with joint ventures in Jordan, Dubai, Oman, and Senegal. Their production and distribution of urea, NPK blends and phosphatic fertilizers contributes to Indian food security.

IFFCO will continue to shape India’s and global agriculture.

Contact Information


C-1, IFFCO Sadan, District Centre, Saket-110017



7. SABIC (Saudi Basic Industries Corporation) (Saudi Arabia)

SABIC building website design showcasing modern architecture and sleek aesthetics

Established in 1976 SABIC (Saudi Basic Industries Corporation) is a major player in the Saudi petrochemical industry. Well known globally SABIC is a leading producer of a variety of chemicals and plastics.

Urea is a significant part of their portfolio, and as one of the largest chemical companies in the world. Their contribution to urea production is huge and makes them a major player in the global fertilizer market.

Through innovation and operational excellence, SABIC continues to shape the landscape of the petrochemical and fertilizer industries.

Contact Information


8. CJ Chemicals

CJ Chemicals website A platform for chemical labs providing essential information and resources

CJ Chemicals, based in Ohio, USA is a major player in the US urea chemical production. With facilities in the heart of the US, CJ Chemicals uses its state of the art facilities and technical expertise to produce high quality urea chemicals.

As a major urea player, CJ Chemicals is meeting the demand for urea products across many industries. With a focus on excellence and innovation, CJ Chemicals is continuing to grow as a leading urea chemical producer in the US market.

Contact Information


3469 East Grand River Ave,
STE 106, Howell, MI 48843


9. Koch Fertilizer, LLC

Koch Industries Inc company

Koch Fertilizer LLC is one of the biggest producers and marketers of fertilizers in the world. With a big presence and big share of the market, Koch Fertilizer LLC is meeting the world’s agricultural needs.

Using its infrastructure and distribution network, the company makes high-quality fertilizers available to farmers worldwide.

With its focus on innovation and sustainability, Koch Fertilizer LLC is leading the industry. Alongside, it is serving the changing needs of the agricultural sector and global food security and development.

Contact Information


Why is Urea Important for Crops

Urea is good for crops because of its nitrogen content. Here’s why

Nitrogen Source

  • 46% nitrogen for plant growth.
  • For chlorophyll and photosynthesis.

Promotes Growth

  • Vegetative growth for lush leaves.
  • For leaves, stems and branches.

Enhances Yield

  • More crop yield for better growth.
  • Stress tolerance for plants.

Economic Benefits

  • Cheap and available for farmers.
  • Less product than other nitrogen sources.

Bottom Line

In summary the global fertilizer industry and urea production is key to feeding the growing population. The top 9 urea producers in this article are not only major players in the global urea market. In addition, they are also driving innovation, sustainability and efficiency in fertilizer production.

One such excellence-committed fertilizer producer is HANS. They are a well-known name in China for their variety of fertilizers.

They are responsible for global food security and agricultural sustainability. Through their excellence and innovation, they are shaping the urea landscape and contributing to agricultural development worldwide.


1. What is Urea and How is it Produced?

Urea is a nitrogen-based fertilizer used in agriculture to promote plant growth. It is produced by reacting ammonia with carbon dioxide under high pressure and temperature. The resulting urea solution is then concentrated and dried to form solid urea granules.

2. Why is Urea Good for Crop Growth?

Urea is good for crop growth because it gives a readily available source of nitrogen, a nutrient plants need. Nitrogen is a component of chlorophyll, which is necessary for photosynthesis and the production of carbohydrates, proteins, and other compounds that support plant growth and development.

3. How can Farmers Use Urea More Efficiently and With Less Environmental Impact?

Farmers can use urea more efficiently and with less environmental impact by using best management practices. Some of them are; soil testing, right fertilization timing and placement, urease inhibitors and conservation. These practices reduce nutrient runoff and soil erosion.

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