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Humic Coated Urea Fertilizer

Premium-grade humic coated urea is always available in Hans. We have 22 years of experience and 11 years of shipping

Hans- Professional Humic Coated Urea Fertilizer Supplier in China

Humic-coated urea or HCU granules are an innovative nitrogen source. It features urea-humate fusion. If you’re looking for a reliable HCU from China, Hans is the best choice! With our proprietary technology, Hans can produce cost-effective humic-coated urea with various ratios and formulas according to your request.

Thanks to your detailed specifications, Hans can 100% support your upcoming project by providing top-quality humic-coated urea (HCU) granules. We are your one-stop-shop provider in China with 22 years of manufacturing experience. Message us now!

Organic Coated Slow Release Urea

Organic Coated Slow Release Urea Fertilizer

The formula of organic coated slow-release urea can be adjusted based on your request.

Polymer Coated Sulfur-Coated Urea

Polymer Coated Sulfur-Coated Urea Fertilizer

It has a unique production process. The product quality is superior to the national standard.

First Grade Resin Coated Urea

First Grade Resin Coated Urea Fertilizer

You can use this type of fertilizer either alone or as a material for different compound fertilizers.

Fulvic Acid Humic Acid Urea

Fulvic Acid Humic Acid Urea Fertilizer

It promotes germination and rooting and improves crops resistance. It is best for all kinds of soil and crops

Humic Acid Urea N46% Granular

High-Quality Coated Urea Fertilizer

It is the best nitrogen source for all kinds of crops, such as wheat, rice, barley, maize, and many more.

High-Quality Coated Urea Fertilizer

Water Soluble Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer

Water-soluble calcium nitrate is virtually free of sodium, chloride, and other dangerous elements. All are competitively priced.

Urea Sulfur Coated Urea (SCU)

Urea Sulfur Coated Urea (SCU) Fertilizer

It is the most simple organic compound that composes of nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.

Humic Polymer-Coated Urea

Humic Polymer-Coated Urea Fertilizer

It can guarantee the longest release period and is easily degradable due to its uniform particles and stable quality.

Prilled Fulvic Humic Acid Urea

Prilled Fulvic Humic Acid Urea Fertilizer

It promotes fruit mature effectively and improves crop quality. We can adjust the color and formulation for this product.

Hans: Your Best Humic Coated Urea Fertilizer Supplier in China

Hans is your best humic-coated urea supplier and manufacturer in China. We are committed to customer satisfaction since the beginning. Combining years of expertise and advanced manufacturing machines, Hans gains trust for reliable quality humic-coated urea products. With over two decades in the industry, we are now building a solid partnership with agricultural industries and help them grow their business.

Being a reliable humic-coated urea manufacturer in China, we are committed to reaching out to our customers for their needs. We export our humic-coated urea and other fertilizers to more than 20 countries, with 11 years of shipping experience. We can provide the documents needed for your country. Message us now for your orders!

Humic Coated Urea Fertilizer Factory Picture

Humic Coated Urea Fertilizer Pictures

Humic Coated Urea Fertilizer Loading and Packing Bags

Humic Coated Urea Fertilizer Certificates

NPK Ratios

N 15NPK15-5-20NPK15-5-25NPK15-5-27NPK15-5-32
NPK19-19-19NPK20-10-10NPK20-20-15NPK21-21-21N 26
NP 19-19NPK20-10-10NPK20-10-20NP 20-20NPK25-5-15
NPK3-37-37 NPK4-18-38 NPK5-10-10 NPK5-15-45 NPK6-24-12
NPK6-24-24 NPK10-10-40 NPK10-30-20 NPK10-52-10 NPK10-55-10
NPK12-3-43 NPK12-6-22 NPK12-12-36 NPK12-32-16 NPK13-40-13
NPK15-30-15 NPK16-8-24 NPK19-19-19 NPK20-20-20 NPK30-10-10
NPK19-9-19NPK19-38-0NPK19-5-25NPK 20-20-0NPK20-20-13

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HANS – HANS Humic Coated Urea Fertilizer Manufacturer

Humic-coated urea (HCU) granules are an innovative nitrogen source that features urea-humate fusion. Through exclusive technology, HCU produces 44-0-0 nitrogen granules. It bonds with potassium humate that enhances the biological soil and chemical properties.

If you need humic-coated urea for your project or business, Hans is your reliable manufacturer to trust. We manufacture a wide range of humic-coated urea that are beneficial to your plants, including:

Hans humic-coated urea granules break down into fluvic and humic acid that makes it 100% water-soluble. It makes them ideal in liquid and dry applications. It is compatible with control products for maintaining fine turfgrass during the warm and cool seasons.

Humic-Coated Urea Fertilizer Application

Hans is your trusted humic-coated urea manufacturer and supplier in China. All of our HCU granules are 100% water-soluble for spray application. We have professional and skilled workers to produce pet-safe humic-coated urea. Additionally, we can create your humic-coated urea with unique features, such as:

Hans is over 22 years in the manufacturing industry. Being your top HCU manufacturer and supplier in China, we can provide you OEM services. You can decide the packaging design you want for your products. Also, we welcome custom colors, ratios, particle sizes, and formulas based on your unique needs.

Whether you’re a distributor, agricultural farmer, or gardener who needs top-quality humic-coated urea for your project, Hans is your ultimate source. We can provide you high-quality humic-coated urea with all the instructions and labels.

Hans can guarantee humic-coated urea that meets quality standards and parameters. Also, we can do third-party testing for you, such as CCIC, SGS, ISO, and many more. Our company, Hans, is your go-to humic-coated urea provider in China. Competitive prices, excellent customer services, and professional after-sale service is our advantage.

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