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NPK 24-24-0

Introducing our NPK 24-24-0 fertilizer, a well-balanced blend of Nitrogen and Phosphorus, tailored for various plants. It promotes vigorous growth and vibrant blooms, making it a popular choice among gardeners and farmers for its effectiveness in enhancing plant development and yield. 

What is NPK 24-24-0?

NPK 24-24-0 is a fertilizer with high levels of Nitrogen and Phosphorus but no Potassium. It’s particularly effective for promoting strong root development and lush foliage growth, making it suitable for crops that require enhanced root and leaf support.

24% Nitrogen

Encourages vigorous vegetative growth through supporting chlorophyll formation, leading to vibrant green leaves and strong stems.

24% Phosphorus

Crucial for the development of roots, blooming, and fruiting, this process aids in the efficient movement of energy within the plant.

0% Potassium

No potassium. Boosts plant's defense against diseases and environmental challenges, optimizes water regulation, and enhances nutrient uptake.

OEM & ODM NPK Fertilizer
- Custom NPK Fertilizer for Your Business

Tailor your fertilizer accurately with our OEM and ODM services, designed to meet your specific business goals and brand requirements.


Choose a distinctive color for your NPK fertilizer to complement your brand's identity or ensure it's easily identifiable for consumers.

NPK Ratio

Modify the NPK blend to suit specific soil types and crop needs, ensuring targeted growth and optimal plant health.


Select packaging options that are practical and reflect your brand's visual identity.

Physical Form

Opt for the fertilizer type—granular, powder, or liquid—to suit various application requirements.

HANS Advanced Fertilizer Processing Techniques

Benefits of NPK 24-24-0 Fertilizer

NPK 24-24-0 fertilizer is excellent for stimulating root and foliage growth, enhancing early plant development, and is particularly beneficial for crops needing strong root systems and lush vegetative growth. Its key benefits and features include:

plant growth period after applying fertilizer

Overall Plant Health

Fosters robust plant development and well-being by supporting sturdy leaves and stems.

Enhanced Root Development

Elevated phosphorus content enhances root strength, improving water and nutrient absorption.

Improved Flowering and Fruiting

Abundant in well-balanced nutrients, perfect for enhancing the quantity and quality of flowers and fruits in ornamental and productive plants.

Soil Fertility Improvement

Consistent use replenishes vital nutrients in the soil, creating a sustainable and nurturing environment for growth.

Plant Resilience

The elevated potassium content in the formula fortifies plant resilience, improving their capacity to endure stress from drought, diseases, and pests.

Suitable Crops for NPK 24-24-0 Fertilizer

Boost your plants’ growth, health, and productivity with our NPK 24-24-0 fertilizer. Perfect for a variety of vegetables, flowers, crops, and lawns, it offers a complete nutritional solution for both avid gardeners and experienced farmers.


Such as beets, garlic, lettuce, and asparagus.


Such as tulips, lilies, zinnias, and chrysanthemums.


Such as rice, oats, rye, and cotton.

Lawns and Turf

For st. augustine grass, and centipede grass.

Application Instructions for NPK 24-24-0 Fertilizer

How to Apply

Frequency and Quantities

Safety Precautions

Storage Advice

Fertilizer Quality Assurance Certificates

fertilizer SGS certificate
fertilizer CCIC certificate
fertilizer SGS report
fertilizer SGS certificate, 1

FAQs About NPK 24-24-0 Fertilizer

What is the use of NPK 24-24-0?

NPK 24-24-0 is used primarily for promoting strong root development and lush vegetative growth. Its high nitrogen and phosphorus content supports early plant growth stages, making it ideal for crops and plants that benefit from robust root systems.

What is NPK 24-24-0 and why is it important?

NPK 24-24-0 is a fertilizer with high nitrogen and phosphorus levels but no potassium. It’s important for stimulating early plant growth, particularly root and shoot development, in various crops and plants, especially in soils lacking these nutrients.

What are the side effects of NPK 24-24-0 fertilizer?

The side effects of NPK 24-24-0 fertilizer include potential nutrient burn if overused, leading to yellowing or browning of leaves. Excessive application can also disrupt soil nutrient balance and may lead to environmental issues like waterway pollution from runoff.

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