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NPK 23-23-23

HANS Fertilizer’s NPK 23-23-23 is a balanced, high-quality fertilizer designed to support all stages of plant growth. With equal parts nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, this versatile formula enhances vegetative growth, root development, and flowering across a wide range of crops.

What is NPK 23-23-23?

NPK 23-23-23 is a balanced, multi-purpose fertilizer containing equal parts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, each constituting 23% of the formula. It’s designed to support overall plant growth, root development, and flowering across various crops.

23% Nitrogen

Nitrogen is essential for the growth of leaves and stems, enhancing vegetative development and the green color of plants.

23% Phosphorus

Phosphorus is key for root development, flowering, and fruit production, facilitating effective energy transfer within the plant.

23% Potassium

Enhances plant's disease resistance and stress tolerance, improving water regulation and nutrient uptake.

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HANS Advanced Fertilizer Processing Techniques

Benefits of NPK 23-23-23 Fertilizer

NPK 23-23-23 fertilizer offers balanced nutrition, promoting vigorous growth across all plant stages. It enhances root development, flowering, and fruiting, ensuring optimal health and yield. Suitable for a wide range of crops, it’s ideal for comprehensive care.

plant growth period after applying fertilizer

Overall Plant Health

High nitrogen content fosters vigorous growth and vibrant green foliage, essential for the well-being of plants.

Enhanced Root Development

This fertilizer's rich phosphorus levels greatly enhance root development and vigor.

Improved Flowering and Fruiting

Sufficient phosphorus supports enhanced blooming and fruiting in plants.

Soil Fertility Improvement

Consistent use enriches soil nutrients, gradually boosting fertility.

Plant Resilience

The sulfur element strengthens plant defense against diseases and environmental stress.

Suitable Crops for NPK 23-23-23 Fertilizer

NPK 23-23-23 Fertilizer shines in enhancing growth for vegetables, flowers, and fruit trees, improving leaf development, root strength, and blooming, especially advantageous for sulfur-preferential crops such as legumes.


Such as tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers.


Such as roses, dahlias, marigolds, and petunias.


Such as corn, wheat, and soybeans.

Lawns and Turf

For bermuda grass, kentucky bluegrass, and zoysia grass.

Application Instructions for NPK 23-23-23 Fertilizer

How to Apply

Frequency and Quantities

Safety Precautions

Storage Advice

Fertilizer Quality Assurance Certificates

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fertilizer CCIC certificate
fertilizer SGS report
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FAQs About NPK 23-23-23 Fertilizer

How often should I apply NPK 23-23-23 to my garden?

NPK 23-23-23 should be applied every 4-6 weeks during the growing season to support optimal plant growth and development, adjusting based on plant response and soil testing results.

Can NPK 23-23-23 be used on all types of plants?

While NPK 23-23-23 is versatile, it’s best for plants requiring high nutrient levels. However, sensitive plants may require a fertilizer with a different nutrient balance to avoid over-fertilization.

Is NPK 23-23-23 suitable for organic farming practices?

NPK 23-23-23 is a synthetic fertilizer and not suitable for organic farming practices, which typically rely on natural and organic material inputs for soil fertility.

How does NPK 23-23-23 fertilizer affect soil health over time?

Regular use of NPK 23-23-23 can improve plant growth but may lead to nutrient imbalances or salt accumulation over time. Soil testing and amendments can help maintain soil health.

Can I use NPK 23-23-23 fertilizer for indoor plants?

Yes, NPK 23-23-23 can be used for indoor plants, but with caution. Dilute appropriately and apply less frequently than outdoor use to prevent nutrient overload and potential root burn.

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