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NPK 17-17-17

Explore our NPK 17-17-17 fertilizer, a balanced mix with equal parts Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. Ideal for fostering dense foliage and strong growth, it’s a favored choice for gardeners and farmers aiming for healthy, thriving plants. 

What is NPK 17-17-17?

NPK 17-17-17 is a balanced fertilizer with equal percentages of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium, each constituting 17%. It’s designed to provide comprehensive nourishment, supporting overall plant growth, flowering, and root development across various types of plants.

17% Nitrogen

Nitrogen is essential for the healthy growth of leaves and stems, promoting green foliage, making it ideal for plants in their vegetative growth phase.

17% Phosphorus

Phosphorus is critical for root development, blooming, and fruiting, and is essential for energy transfer within the plant.

17% Potassium

Potassium is key to plant health, aiding in water regulation, boosting disease resistance, and strengthening cell structures.

OEM & ODM NPK Fertilizer
- Custom NPK Fertilizer for Your Business

Tailor your fertilizer accurately with our OEM and ODM services, designed to meet your specific business needs and brand guidelines.


Pick a color that both resonates with your brand's essence and significantly enhances the product's distinctiveness.

NPK Ratio

Adjust nutrient proportions to suit particular plant requirements, guaranteeing focused growth and peak health.


Select from packaging choices that provide practicality, and are in harmony with your brand's image.

Physical Form

Available in forms like granular, powder, liquid, and more, catering to diverse application techniques.

Benefits of NPK 17-17-17 Fertilizer

NPK 17-17-17 fertilizer offers balanced nutrition, enhancing overall plant growth, root strength, and flowering. Its equal Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium content supports various plant types, making it versatile for gardens, crops, and lawns.

plant growth period after applying fertilizer

Overall Plant Health

NPK 17-17-17 promotes vigorous growth, focusing on lush foliage for the comprehensive health and vitality of plants.

Enhanced Root Development

Boosts root strength, leading to enhanced water and nutrient absorption, creating a more solid plant base.

Improved Flowering and Fruiting

While not specifically targeted for flowering, it offers crucial nourishment during the bloom and fruit development phases.

Soil Fertility Improvement

Regular use increases soil nitrogen levels, promoting subsequent plant growth and improving the overall quality of the soil.

Plant Resilience

Enhances a plant's ability to withstand environmental challenges, resulting in greater robustness and extended longevity.

Suitable Crops for NPK 17-17-17 Fertilizer

Boost your plants’ growth, health, and vitality with our NPK 17-17-17 fertilizer. Ideal for encouraging lush foliage and strong vegetative growth in vegetables, flowers, and crops, it’s the perfect choice for dedicated gardeners and expert farmers.


Such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers.


Such as petunias, marigolds, and sunflowers.


Such as corn, wheat, barley, and soybeans.

Lawns and Turf

For residential lawn grasses and golf course greens.

Application Instructions for NPK 17-17-17 Fertilizer

How to Apply

Frequency and Quantities

Safety Precautions

Storage Advice

FAQs About NPK 17-17-17 Fertilizer

Do you water after applying 17-17-17 fertilizer?

Yes, it’s advisable to water after applying 17-17-17 fertilizer. This helps in dissolving the nutrients, allowing them to seep into the soil and be more readily available to the plant roots.

Can I use NPK 17-17-17 fertilizer on my lawn?

Yes, NPK 17-17-17 can be used on lawns. Its balanced nutrient content supports healthy grass growth, enhancing both the root system and the lushness of the turf.

How do you apply 17-17-17 fertilizer?

Apply 17-17-17 fertilizer by evenly spreading it over the soil surface. For best results, incorporate it into the topsoil or water it in thoroughly to help the nutrients penetrate the soil.

Is NPK 17-17-17 fertilizer good for tomatoes?

NPK 17-17-17 is suitable for tomatoes. Its balanced formula of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium supports all stages of tomato growth, from leaf and stem development to fruit production.

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