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NPK 15-9-20

Discover the ultimate solution for vibrant plant growth with NPK 15-9-20. Engineered to provide a balanced blend of nutrients, this fertilizer promotes healthy development and maximizes yield in a variety of crops.  

What is NPK 15-9-20?

NPK 15-9-20 is a fertilizer with higher nitrogen and potassium levels and moderate phosphorus. It’s designed to support strong vegetative growth, flowering, and fruit development in a wide range of plants.

15% Nitrogen

Encourages robust vegetative development by aiding chlorophyll synthesis, resulting in lush, green leaves and sturdy stems.

9% Phosphorus

Essential for root development, flowering, and fruit production, it facilitates effective energy transfer within the plant.

20% Potassium

Strengthens plant resilience against diseases and environmental stressors, regulates water, and improves nutrient absorption.

OEM & ODM NPK Fertilizer
- Custom NPK Fertilizer for Your Business

Customize your fertilizer precisely with our OEM and ODM services, crafted to align with your unique business objectives and branding specifications.


Select a unique color for your NPK fertilizer to match your brand's identity or to make it easily recognizable for consumers.

NPK Ratio

Customize NPK ratios to suit specific soil and crop needs for targeted growth and plant health.


Choose packaging choices that provide practicality and align with your brand's image.

Physical Form

Choose from fertilizer forms (granular, powdered, or liquid) for versatile applications.

HANS Advanced Fertilizer Processing Techniques

Benefits of NPK 15-9-20 Fertilizer

NPK 15-9-20 fertilizer is excellent for promoting strong vegetative growth and flowering, with its higher nitrogen and potassium content. It enhances root development, bloom quality, and overall plant health and resilience. Its key benefits and features include:

plant growth period after applying fertilizer

Overall Plant Health

Promotes robust plant development and well-being by supporting sturdy leaves and stems.

Enhanced Root Development

Elevated phosphorus content enhances root strength, improving water and nutrient absorption.

Improved Flowering and Fruiting

Loaded with well-proportioned nutrients, perfect for enhancing flower and fruit quality in ornamental and productive plants.

Soil Fertility Improvement

Consistent use replenishes vital nutrients in the soil, promoting sustainable growth conditions for plants.

Plant Resilience

Potassium strengthens plants, boosting resilience to stress and enhancing resistance to challenges like drought, diseases, and pests.

Suitable Crops for NPK 15-9-20 Fertilizer

Enhance your plants’ growth, health, and productivity with our NPK 15-9-20 fertilizer. Ideal for various vegetables, flowers, crops, and lawns, it provides a comprehensive nutritional solution for both avid gardeners and professional farmers.


Such as peppers, cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, and spinach.


Such as daisies, marigolds, petunias, and pansies.


Such as wheat, rice, barley, oats, and soybeans.

Lawns and Turf

For fescue, ryegrass, and zoysia grass.

Application Instructions for NPK 15-9-20 Fertilizer

How to Apply

Frequency and Quantities

Safety Precautions

Storage Advice

Fertilizer Quality Assurance Certificates

fertilizer SGS certificate
fertilizer CCIC certificate
fertilizer SGS report
fertilizer SGS certificate, 1

FAQs About NPK 15-9-20 Fertilizer

Is NPK 15-9-20 suitable for both indoor and outdoor plants?

Yes, NPK 15-9-20 is suitable for both indoor and outdoor plants. Its balanced nutrient composition supports a wide range of plant types and growth stages, making it versatile for various gardening environments.

What safety precautions should be taken when applying NPK 15-9-20?

When applying NPK 15-9-20, wear protective gloves and a mask to avoid inhalation and skin contact. Apply it in well-ventilated areas or outdoors. Keep it away from children and pets, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid overuse and environmental harm.

How does NPK 15-9-20 compare to other NPK formulations in terms of plant growth and yield?

NPK 15-9-20, with its specific nutrient ratio, is particularly effective for plants requiring more potassium, which aids in flowering and fruiting. Compared to other formulations, it may promote better bloom and fruit yield, especially in potassium-responsive plants.

Can NPK 15-9-20 be used in hydroponic systems?

NPK 15-9-20 can be used in hydroponic systems, provided it is fully soluble in water. Its balanced nutrient profile can support hydroponic plant growth effectively. However, it’s important to adjust the concentrations according to the specific needs of the hydroponic plants.

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