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NPK 10-52-10

Discover our NPK 10-52-10 fertilizer, a specialized mix with high Phosphorus, balanced Nitrogen, and Potassium. Perfect for various plants, it ensures robust growth, brilliant flowering, and rich yields, becoming a preferred option for both gardeners and farmers. 

What is NPK 10-52-10?

NPK 10-52-10 is a specialized fertilizer blend high in phosphorus and designed to support robust flowering and root development promoting healthy leaf and stem growth and enhancing overall plant resilience and health.

10% Nitrogen

Essential for foliage, stem growth; key in chlorophyll and photosynthesis.

52% Phosphorus

Promotes root development, vibrant flowers, fruitful yield for plant health.

10% Potassium

Aids water absorption, enzyme activation, disease resistance; enhances plant strength.

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NPK Ratio

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Benefits of NPK 10-52-10 Fertilizer

NPK 10-52-10 Fertilizer significantly boosts flowering and root development, enhances overall plant health, and improves soil fertility and resilience. Here are its key benefits and features:

plant growth period after applying fertilizer

Overall Plant Health

High phosphorus content ensures robust overall growth, particularly benefiting stem, leaf, and flower health in various plants.

Enhanced Root Development

Exceptionally high phosphorus aids significantly in developing strong, healthy root systems, essential for nutrient uptake and plant stability.

Improved Flowering and Fruiting

Ideal for flowering plants, it promotes vibrant blooms and abundant fruit production, enhancing both quality and quantity.

Soil Fertility Improvement

Adds essential nutrients to the soil, particularly phosphorus, improving long-term soil health and aiding future plant growth.

Plant Resilience

Strengthens plants against environmental stresses and diseases, ensuring healthier growth and better adaptability in diverse growing conditions.

Suitable Crops for NPK 10-52-10 Fertilizer

NPK 10-52-10 fertilizer is particularly effective for a variety of plants, categorized under vegetables, flowers, general crops, and lawns and turf:


Such as tomatoes, peppers, and root vegetables.


Such as bulb flowers, roses, annuals, and perennials.


Such as fruit trees, berry bushes, and ornamental shrubs.

Lawns and Turf

For residential lawns, golf courses, and sports fields.

Application Instructions forNPK 10-52-10 Fertilizer

How to Apply

Frequency and Quantities

Safety Precautions

Storage Advice

FAQs About NPK 10-52-10 Fertilizer

What is 10-52-10 Fertilizer Good For?

10-52-10 fertilizer, with its high phosphorus content, is good for promoting root development, flowering, and fruiting in plants. It’s particularly beneficial for:

  1. Flowering Plants: 10-52-10 fertilizer is excellent for flowering plants like roses, tulips, and daffodils. The high phosphorus content encourages prolific blooms and vibrant colors.

  2. Fruit Trees: Fruit-bearing trees such as apple, peach, and cherry trees benefit from the phosphorus to develop strong root systems and produce healthy fruits.

  3. Bulb Plants: Bulbous plants like lilies, gladiolus, and hyacinths thrive with 10-52-10 fertilizer, as it supports the initial root and bulb growth, leading to impressive flowering.

  4. Vegetable Gardens: Some vegetables, especially those that require robust root systems, like carrots and potatoes, can benefit from phosphorus-rich fertilizers for improved yields.

  5. Newly Transplanted Seedlings: When transplanting seedlings or young plants, using 10-52-10 fertilizer can help them establish strong root systems quickly.

What is 10-52-10 Fertilizer Used For?

10-52-10 fertilizer is primarily used for:

  1. Promoting Flowering: It is commonly used to encourage prolific flowering in various ornamental plants and flowering crops.

  2. Enhancing Fruit Formation: The high phosphorus content aids in the development of fruits in fruit-bearing plants and trees.

  3. Stimulating Root Growth: It supports the establishment of strong root systems, particularly in newly planted or transplanted vegetation.

How to Use 10-52-10 Fertilizer?
  1. Determine Application Area: Calculate the area you want to fertilize, whether it’s a garden bed, flowerbed, or around trees.

  2. Dosage: Read the manufacturer’s instructions on the fertilizer package to determine the recommended dosage. Typically, for 10-52-10 fertilizer, you’ll use a small quantity due to its high concentration.

  3. Application Method: You can apply the fertilizer using a broadcast spreader for larger areas or by hand for smaller ones. Ensure even distribution.

  4. Timing: Apply the fertilizer before planting or during the growing season, as needed. Be cautious not to overapply, as excessive phosphorus can harm plants.

  5. Incorporate into Soil: After applying, work the fertilizer into the soil to a depth of about 2-4 inches. This helps ensure the roots can access the nutrients.

  6. Watering: Water the area thoroughly after application to activate the fertilizer and prevent any potential damage to plant roots.

  7. Frequency: Follow soil test recommendations or apply every 4-6 weeks during the growing season, depending on your specific plant and soil requirements.

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