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Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer

HANS is your one-stop calcium nitrate manufacturer and supplier. We have 22 years of production experience and 11 years of exporting experience.


What are Calcium Nitrate Fertilizers?

Calcium nitrate fertilizers provide two essential plant nutrients: calcium and nitrogen. They are delivered in a highly soluble form, meaning they dissolve easily in water and can be readily absorbed by plant roots.

What type of fertilizer is calcium nitrate?

Explore our range of high-quality calcium nitrate fertilizers, each tailored to enhance plant growth and nutrient absorption.

Calcium Ammonium Nitrate Fertilizer
White powder on white background It is Calcium Ammonium Nitrate a different substance

Calcium ammonium nitrate fertilizer is also known as nitro-limestone or nitrochalk. Widely used as inorganic fertilizer.

Calcium Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer
A wooden spoon filled with Calcium Magnesium Nitrate

We offer the best quality calcium magnesium nitrate. It is also easily absorbed by plants.

Calcium Nitrate with Boron Fertilizer
Sodium alginate a compound used in various industries pictured with calcium nitrate and boron

Calcium Nitrate with Boron combines plant nutrients: calcium for strong cell walls, boron for healthy development.

Water Soluble Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer
Water soluble calcium nitrate fertilizer a white crystalline substance used to provide plants with essential calcium nitrogen nutrients

Water-soluble calcium nitrate enhances plant growth, free from harmful elements, competitively priced.

High Yield Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer
A small green plant surrounded by High Yield Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer in a pile of seeds

High Yield Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer boosts plant growth, enhances nutrient absorption, and improves yields.

Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer Factory Picture

Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer Pictures

Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer Loading and Packing Bags

Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer Certificates

NPK Ratios

N 15NPK15-5-20NPK15-5-25NPK15-5-27NPK15-5-32
NPK19-19-19NPK20-10-10NPK20-20-15NPK21-21-21N 26
NP 19-19NPK20-10-10NPK20-10-20NP 20-20NPK25-5-15
NPK3-37-37 NPK4-18-38 NPK5-10-10 NPK5-15-45 NPK6-24-12
NPK6-24-24 NPK10-10-40 NPK10-30-20 NPK10-52-10 NPK10-55-10
NPK12-3-43 NPK12-6-22 NPK12-12-36 NPK12-32-16 NPK13-40-13
NPK15-30-15 NPK16-8-24 NPK19-19-19 NPK20-20-20 NPK30-10-10
NPK19-9-19NPK19-38-0NPK19-5-25NPK 20-20-0NPK20-20-13

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HANS – Your Reliable Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer Manufacturer

HANS’ comprehensive range of calcium nitrate ensures highly marketable and high-value crop production. As a professional manufacturer in China, we provide the right solutions for your fertilizer requirements. All fertilizers are perfect for worry-free applications.

Our calcium nitrate appears as a white to light gray granular solid. It has a role as a fertilizer. Aside from that, they are useful in pyrotechnics and explosives as well. If you need calcium nitrate for these purposes, HANS has a lot to offer. Let us know your requirements.

HANS is your one-stop calcium nitrate provider in China. We manufacture calcium nitrate that contains calcium(2+). The plants and trees treated using calcium nitrate fertilizer are naturally healthier and less sensitive to stress during development. It will definitely improve the appearance, strength, and size of your crops. Choosing our calcium nitrate will help you get a vegetable and fruit with improved outer and inner beauty.

Advantages of the HANS Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer:

Why choose HANS for your ideal calcium nitrate requirements? We make sure fast delivery. We guarantee these critical nutrients are efficiently and quickly available to crops. HANS provides calcium nitrate that gives outer beauty, longer freshness, and inner health to your crops.

We are a 22-years rich experienced manufacturer, exporter, and supplier. Throughout the years, we are confident we can supply all your fertilizer needs. HANS is your most reliable calcium nitrate manufacturer. And no matter where you are, our team can still reach you.

HANS, with over 11 years of export experience, can send our products to different countries worldwide. We export fertilizer products to Canada, Thailand, England, South Africa, Egypt, Israel, and 20 countries.

We will do the formula according to your special request.

For inquiries, contact us today!

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide to Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer

What happens when we use Calcium Nitrate to Plants?

Calcium nitrate increases the production of protein that results in a healthier plant. It is a purifying agent in all our plants. When using this, it boosts the cells of the plants and counteracts its acidity. It also doubles the protein making which leads to a healthier and nutritious plants. Moreover, it improves the development of the leaves. Root tips, shoot tips and young leaves will be healthy when Calcium Nitrate is applied in the soil. We can use it to fight against the calcium deficiency of any plants.

Calcium and nitrogen are the two inorganic substances. It is good to any kind of plants since it easily dissolves to water. Calcium nitrate is all about adding nitric acid and any kind of limestone together with the ammonia. In addition, it cleansed calcium level of the plant. It helps the plant healthier and rich in calcium.

It can be a solution to a withered leaf of a plant. It helps the health and development of a plant such as tomatoes and pepper plants. It is good for the plant’s nutrients. If humans need food to live every day, plants also need Calcium Nitrate to grow and be nutritious. Thus, you can use it as a fertilizer in all your crops.

It is made up of ammonium nitrate and mixed with calcium hydroxide. Nitrogen is present on this fertilizer. When plants don’t have a calcium, their leaves will fade or begin to yellow. These will help the plants in your garden to grow healthier. It is composed of calcium and nitrogen.

It can be used for all types of crops. If you want to have a lush green leaf of your crops, then adding calcium nitrate to your soil is recommended. It helps the subsoil water become unpolluted. It contains magnesium and calcium that is good for the plants mineral. Thus, it helps plant roots to be healthy and reduce the loss of nitrogen.

Yes, crops and plants will be poisoned and worst is that their leaves wither fast. When applied to much calcium nitrate, plants will slowly grow and damaged.

Calcium Nitrate has also bad effect be careful to use it. This may cause irritation of the skin and difficult on breathing. Calcium Nitrate may also cause dryness and headache. Make sure to follow the directions on using it.

For your plants or crops not to be withered, you should apply calcium nitrate 2-3 times before the development process. When your fruit had a bottom-end rot, you can use this fertilizer. This will restore its calcium deficiency.

Calcium nitrate is a good fertilizer because it helps your plant to be healthier. Double the production of your plants, which makes them appear nutritious and can improve leaf and plant growth. Lastly, it helps the plants not to suffer from calcium deficiency.

Add 3 teaspoon to a 1 gallon of water. Best use purified water since it has no chemicals or chlorine and it avoids damaging sensitive leaves. After that, mix it until all of the substances had been dissolved. Lastly, put in a spray bottle and use it to your plants that had been withered.

It is an inorganic chemical with the formula of Ca(NO3)2 Moreover, Norgessalpeter or lime nitrate, is the other name. Calcium Nitrate can be seen as a whitish gray. Moreover, it absorbs moisture from the air which has a great effect on the health of a plant.

Yes, it helps tomatoes to boost its growth and increases the production of fruits. It protects plant to withstand from pest and diseases. Moreover, most variety of tomato plants are having a deficiency where brown spots are seen in the bottom part of the fruit of a tomato plant. The cause of this problem is lack of calcium nutrients in the soil. And applying calcium nitrate in the soil will fill up the missing calcium deficiency. Putting the right amount of calcium nitrate in soils, our crops will have a longer shelf-life and this makes a good income for us.

No, Calcium Nitrate is not harmful to plants. In fact, Calcium Nitrate helps plants to be healthy and survive from pest and diseases. Putting the right amount of calcium nitrate to plants do not have bad effect on it.

Yes, putting calcium nitrate to any plants are good. Furthermore, applying it to our plants may double our crops production. Plants need calcium nitrate for better growth and development.

No, Calcium Nitrate will help detoxify the soils so it will not raise its soil Ph. Calcium nitrate has 7.00 Ph it is neutral substance therefore it will not raise the soils Ph.

No, calcium nitrate is not organic because of the substances contain on it. Organic fertilizers are sources that can be found on manures or on the organic compost.

Yes, cucumbers need calcium nitrate when there is discoloration and the blossom-end rot. Calcium nitrate is also good on cucumbers so that this will prevent on the dark spot area and have a better production.

No, calcium nitrate contains an oxidizer which is not a substance in making explosives. When calcium nitrate gets heated it easily decompose that’s why we need to make sure that this fertilizer is being kept on the right storage to prevent any harmful effects but does not explodes.

Ca(NO3)2 which is colorless and odorless and so calcium nitrate is a solution. This solution is a great help and is compatible with different liquid fertilizers such as herbicides and pesticides.

Yes, this has been tested and proven to the agriculture. Applying calcium nitrate, in the sense that leaves that are withered and dark spots can bring back the green color.

Plants need calcium nutrients to become healthy and when soil lacks this nutrient, it affects the development of the plant. Nitrogen is a good source of energy to plants, phosphorus makes the root stronger, increases the flowering of plants, and potassium is a great help to the general growth of the plants. Without the help of some nutrients like magnesium, calcium and potassium there will be no improvement on the plants growth.

Store the Calcium Nitrate fertilizer to a dry place free from damp and dirt. If you plan to store large bulks, provide an area that is well adequate and road access for deliveries. Storage areas should not contain pesticides and there should be no food and drinks allowed.