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Knowledge About Agriculture & Fertilizer

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A scenic grassy field with a path leading to a park perfect for a leisurely stroll or outdoor activities

When to Fertilize St. Augustine Grass

Fertilize St. Augustine grass from March to May and June to August with nitrogen fertilizer. Mow at 2-3 inches, water 1 inch weekly. Reduce care from September to November.

Corn field with tree in center Image depicts agricultural setting

How Much Fertilizer Per Acre for Corn

Learn how to determine the right amount of fertilizer per acre for corn. Understand the nutrient needs, soil testing, and factors like soil type, climate, and previous crops.

A picturesque scene of numerous green bushes in a garden

How and When to Fertilize Boxwoods

Learn how and when to fertilize boxwoods to keep them healthy and thriving. Discover the best practices for timing, choosing the right fertilizer, and application methods.

A field of white flowers blooming on a plant showcasing the beauty of nature and the role of magnesium in plant growth

What Does Magnesium Do for Plants

Discover the vital role of magnesium in plant growth, enhancing photosynthesis, and maintaining healthy chlorophyll levels for better yield and vitality.

When to Fertilize Strawberries Person wearing blue gloves harvesting strawberries from a plant

When to Fertilize Strawberries?

Maximize strawberry yields with strategic fertilization. Learn the best times to apply nutrients, crucial for healthy growth and fruitful harvests.

Child crouched on grass holding colored pencils symbolizing the planning phase of a fertilization timeline

When to Fertilize New Sod?

Discover the optimal timing and techniques for fertilizing new sod to promote strong root growth and a lush, vibrant lawn.