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Amino Acid Fertilizer

We have 20 years of industry experience in providing Amino Acid Fertilizer. It is an ISO certification complete.

HANS- Your Reliable Amino Acid Fertilizer Supplier in China

Hans is a leading manufacturer and producer of Amino Acid Fertilizer in China. Hans can produce numerous fertilizer compositions for your individual needs as a skilled Amino Acid Fertilizer manufacturer and distributor. We can make various fertilizer orders, so please get in touch with us with your requirements.

We’ve been providing one-stop services for more than two decades. Hans is your one-stop company providing Amino Acid fertilizer; either you need it for a business or marketing. Our Amino Acid Fertilizer complies with China’s highest quality standards. Please send us your specifications right away!

NPK Compound Granular Organic Fertilizer

NPK Compound Granular Organic Fertilizer

This product is ultimately water solubility. You can make your customized wrapping package according to your preferences.

Organic Mineral Granule Fertilizer

Seaweed Extract Amino Acid Fertilizer

It contains chelated trace elements that boost the plant’s ability to absorb nutrients. You can use all soil watering techniques with this product.

Seaweed Extract Amino Acid Fertilizer

Seaweed Extract Amino Acid Fertilizer

It contains chelated trace elements that boost the plant’s ability to absorb nutrients. You can use all soil watering techniques with this product.

Organic Fertilizer Amino Acid

Organic Fertilizer Amino Acid

You can use it on various plants and commercial crops, including fruits, veggies, crops, flowers, etc. It has quite a consistent pricing.

Plant Origin Amino Acid Fertilizer

Plant Origin Amino Acid Fertilizer

Nutrition is substantial, long-term, and long-lasting. Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, silicon, calcium, magnesium, iron, and manganese are all present. Organic nutrients provide all of these components. Aid in the growth of vigorous plants and the improvement of pest resistance.

Complex Amino Acid Powder Fertilizer

Complex Amino Acid Powder Fertilizer

It is an amino acid with an amine unit, a carboxylic acid group, and a side strand variable. Irrigation systems and foliar applications benefit greatly from this product.

Granular Organic Fertilizer

Granular Organic Fertilizer

They prefer to have an accurate balance and behave in a consistent manner when put down. Producers must weigh the benefits and drawbacks of using this sort of fertilizer while deciding to use it.

Compost Fertilizer Amino Acid

Compost Fertilizer Amino Acid

This manufacturer’s natural substance is the feed quality material, which is hygienic, healthful, and highly nutritious. High-quality ecological fertilizers must always be professionally processed in complement to secure a source of raw materials.

Humic Acid Fertilizer

Humic Acid Fertilizer

Strengthens the use of certain nutritional fertilizers by increasing soil health and optimizing their structure—crops used in agriculture and horticulture and landscape and gardening.

HANS: Your Best Amino Acid Fertilizer Supplier in China

HANS is a leading company of Amino Acid Fertilizers that have passed all of the assessments. Our Amino Acid Fertilizer products achieve or surpass market requirements. If needed, our personnel will travel to your area to understand your needs.

HANS, who has over 20 years of knowledge in China’s fertilizer sector, remains committed to meeting requirements and desires. HANS is your best option in China since you’re seeking the proper Amino Acid Fertilizer.

As one of China’s leading fertilizer companies, we are confident in our ability to provide the most excellent fertilizer composition. HANS can provide you with the best amino acid fertilizer options to meet your specific requirements. We can accomplish your work on schedule under the observation of our skilled tech staff. Our knowledgeable technical experts can recommend the appropriate Amino Acid Fertilizer for your demands.

Feel free to email us your requirements right away and let Hans help you develop your company!

Amino Acid Fertilizer Factory Picture

Amino Acid Fertilizer Pictures

Amino Acid Fertilizer Loading and Packing Bags

Amino Acid Fertilizer Certificates

NPK Ratios

N 15NPK15-5-20NPK15-5-25NPK15-5-27NPK15-5-32
NPK19-19-19NPK20-10-10NPK20-20-15NPK21-21-21N 26
NP 19-19NPK20-10-10NPK20-10-20NP 20-20NPK25-5-15
NPK3-37-37 NPK4-18-38 NPK5-10-10 NPK5-15-45 NPK6-24-12
NPK6-24-24 NPK10-10-40 NPK10-30-20 NPK10-52-10 NPK10-55-10
NPK12-3-43 NPK12-6-22 NPK12-12-36 NPK12-32-16 NPK13-40-13
NPK15-30-15 NPK16-8-24 NPK19-19-19 NPK20-20-20 NPK30-10-10
NPK19-9-19NPK19-38-0NPK19-5-25NPK 20-20-0NPK20-20-13

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HANS- Your Trusted Amino Acid Fertilizer Supplier in China

HANS has been one of China’s largest fertilizer producers. Hans is an excellent site to visit if you ever need Amino Acid Fertilizer for marketing or your business. Hans provides the plant with high-quality minerals.

HANS Amino Acid Fertilizer formula is 100% water solution. We can provide you with a one-stop option for most of your Amino Acid Fertilizer necessities. It is developed based on particular circumstances. If you have quite a yard or landscape, this is the best alternative.

It’s a multifunctional fertilizer containing essential components that keep plants healthy at any time. This water-soluble amino acid fertilizer can help your crop become healthy and more efficient with fruit-bearing plants, vegetables, flowers, or other hobbies. We will fulfill all of your fertilizer requirements.

The Effects on Plants:

HANS produces an amino acid fertilizer that promotes development while also assisting the crop in challenging situations and phases of photosynthetic solid growth.

Advantages of Amino Acid Fertilizer:

HANS will create the formulation to your preferences, whatever you require for your projects. As a dependable manufacturer and distributor in China, HANS can provide Amino Acid Fertilizer quantities. It contains all of the information you’ll have to implement the fertilizer, including suggestions, guidelines, and more.

HANS has an extensive range of Amino Acid Fertilizer manufacturing capabilities. Depending on the actual distribution, several formulas require a significant amount of water to dissolve the material. HANS Amino Acid Fertilizer is the ideal fertilizer for your indoor plants. We’re constantly conducting scientific testing to manufacture high-quality products that correspond to ISO industry requirements.

As a professional fertilizer maker, HANS will respond according to your requirement, along with the volume and layout of the Amino Acid Fertilizer. We will provide the appropriate approach for your specific circumstance; we have over 20 years of knowledge in the industry. In China, HANS is an outstanding Amino Acid Fertilizer producer and distributor.

Please send us an email right away!

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide to Amino Acid Fertilizer

What is Amino Acid Fertilizer?

Amino acid fertilizer is a plant nutrient that is essential to plant growth.

It helps in the increase of chlorophyll in plants which leads to better photosynthesis.

In addition, amino acid fertilizer is a good source of nitrogen thus helping you to lessen the use of fertilizer with high nitrogen content.

Also, it improves plants to resist stress and helps maintain denser growth.

In general, amino acid fertilizer enhances plants to uptake nutrients, improves crop quality and can be applied to any type of plants.

  • Increases chlorophyll content which leads to vigorous photosynthesis.
  • Enhances nutrient intake of plants.
  • Helps plant to withstand stress due to environment problems.
  • Improve the quality of fruits, flowers and leaves.
  • Good source of nitrogen which leads to increase healthy green foliage.
  • Increases calcium absorption that helps plants to absorb more nutrients and water also, it helps to prevent pest or diseases.
  • Increases yield and faster growth of crops.

Fish amino acid fertilizer is a substance made from fish waste.

It is great for plants because it has high nitrogen content which is very essential to plant growth.

Any type of fish can be used in making this fertilizer such as salmon, tuna, and etc.

Fish amino acid fertilizer is very favorable for the plants thus boosting shelf life of fruits and vegetables, increasing yields and resistance to stress.

  • Rich in nitrogen
  • Encourage chlorophyll production in plants
  • Increases productivity of plant
  • Rapid growth and high yields
  • Improves shelf life of vegetables and fruits
  • Enhance shoots and seedling growth
  • Increases the size of fruit bearing plant
  • Resistance to stress

Foliar application: 1-2 Kg/ 1000 liters of water. Apply every 15 days.

Soil application: 2-4 Kg/ 1000 liters of water. Apply every 15 days.

Also, Amino acid fertilizer can be mixed with other nutrients and pesticides.

In addition, have a soil analysis of your soil before the first application. This way you can know what type of fertilizer to use for your plants.

Mix 2 tablespoons of fish amino acid fertilizer to 1 liter of water.

Apply the liquid substance to the soil or spray it to the leaves of the plant.

Then apply this 1-2 time a week throughout the entire growth cycle of your plant.

Moreover, fish amino acid fertilizer is great to use as foliar application for best results.

Agriculture uses amino acid fertilizer as an aid to increase the production and quality of the crop.

This fertilizer is abundant in nitrogen nutrients and helps plants to absorb more nutrients in soil.

In addition, amino acid fertilizer is responsible for the increase of chlorophyll which results in healthy photosynthesis.

It also helps plants to overcome stress due to droughts, high temperature and any environmental problems.

Amino acid fertilizer can be used for any type of crop.

Pant needs amino acid fertilizer when:

  • the leaves turn pale or yellow
  • the growth is so slow
  • leaves and flowers/fruits are dropping
  • plants are smaller than its usual size
  • weeds start to grow all over the field
  • Pests are seen on plants

Adding amino acid fertilizer will help to solve these issues by increasing plant chlorophyll that leads to quality photosynthesis process, encouraging plants to fight stress problems, protecting from pests and other environmental problems.

Also, it is recommended to have soil analysis to know what other nutrients are lacking in your soil.

Amino acid fertilizer helps photosynthesis of plants.

Since, photosynthesis is the process used by plants in making its own food.

Without adequate photosynthesis, the plant will not grow healthy or it might die.

Thus, amino acid fertilizer has a great factor in helping in the production of chlorophyll which increases the quality of photosynthesis.

In addition, it also promotes the resistance of plants to stresses due to environmental problems.

Yes, it can

Plants uptake nutrients through their roots.

And amino acid fertilizer is usually applied to soil or as a foliar spray.

So, once this fertilizer is added into the soil. It promotes microbial activity which increases root to intake more nutrients available in the soil including the amino acid fertilizer.

Nitrogen fertilizer is great to promote healthy growth of plants. It keeps the plant to have big green foliage

Still, adding amino acid fertilizer is so effective to get a better result.

It helps plants to absorb more nutrients it needs and increases resistance to stress.

Furthermore, amino acid fertilizer is a good source of nitrogen.

Thus, it doesn’t really replace nitrogen fertilizer but only lessens the use of it.

Yes, absolutely.

Amino acid fertilizer is beneficial to all plants.

It helps plants in the photosynthesis process that promotes bigger green leaves and thicker stems.

Furthermore, the amino acid fertilizer improves the absorption of nutrients and stimulates strong roots.

Reduces stress to plants as well as prevents pests, drought, diseases, etc.

Thus, amino acid fertilizer promotes rapid and healthier growth.

No, not really.

Amino acid fertilizer is useful to growers in terms of increasing yield however do not use excessive amounts of this fertilizer because it will definitely endanger the health of the plants.

Also, it can be poisonous once ingested so it must be stored in a safe place with a label.

Moreover, with proper usage and by following safety precautions in using amino acid fertilizer, it won’t bring harm to the environment or humans.

Amino acid fertilizer can be made of organic or inorganic substances.

Organic amino acid fertilizers are made from fish waste, seaweed and any natural substances.

On the contrary, inorganic amino acid fertilizers are made from raw materials combined with chemical substances.

Not entirely.

Amino acid fertilizer keeps the soil healthy as well as promotes rapid growth of plants.

It will be harmful if you add an excessive amount of this fertilizer to your soil.

Too much amino acid fertilizer can create high salt concentration in soil which makes the plant wither and die.

Only apply an adequate amount of amino acid fertilizer to keep your soil fertile.

Yes, it is.

Amino acid fertilizer is good for vegetables.

This fertilizer is a good source of nitrogen that helps plants to have a healthy green foliage.

It also promotes strong root growth which aids in easy nutrient absorption.

And it helps vegetable plants to withstand stress due to environmental problems.

Yes, of course.

Amino acid fertilizer is suitable for shrubs, lawn, fruit bearing plants and also flowers.

It helps the flowers to have a vigorous photosynthesis, more nutrients absorption in soil, and strong root growth.

Furthermore, amino acid fertilizer can increase flower formation with long shelf life.