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Hans, Your Reliable Fertilizer Manufacturing & Supply Partner

Since 2009, Hans has become a leading manufacturer for the fertilizer and agriculture industry, including various types of fertilizers. We have two teams, respectively responsible for overseas business development and fertilizer R&D, production, and quality inspection. The joint development of both teams ensures that Hans remains at the forefront and provides customers with professional support. Contact our 24/7 team for any support.

Select Fertilizers You Need

Explore our extensive fertilizer collection. Elevate your agricultural endeavors and business potential with our trusted solutions. Contact our support team for fertilizer samples or custom fertilizers.

Npk Fertilizer Powder

Npk granular and powder professional manufacturer in China,has different technologies to support your different needs.

Calcium Nitrate

Calcium nitrate professional manufacturer in China, fast shipping.

Calcium Ammonium Nitrate

Calcium ammonium nitrate with Boron or without Boron, white color or yellow color.

Potassium Humate Fertilizer

Potassium Humate different types like granular, powder, flake.

Potassium Sulphate

Potassium Sulphate 50% and 52% powder and granular.

Fertilizer Classification

With a deep understanding of plant nutrition, our team crafts fertilizers focusing on primary nutrients such as N, P, K, or even secondary and micro-nutrients. This ensures that plants get exactly what they need for growth, and the soil remains enriched and healthy.

The method of fertilizer production can influence its properties. Hence, we give you the option to choose from straight fertilizers that contain a single nutrient, complex ones that offer multiple nutrients, or compound fertilizers that provide a balanced mix, all designed to meet specific agricultural demands.

Recognizing the diversity in agricultural practices, we offer fertilizers in a variety of forms. This includes everything from sturdy solid granules to highly concentrated liquids. This variety allows farmers to pick the formulation that seamlessly integrates into their application routine.

Different crops and soils have varied nutritional needs. Whether you’re seeking a complete nutritional package, a balanced mix, or a specialty fertilizer for specific requirements, our specialists work diligently to formulate the right blend tailored for your crops and soil conditions.

We understand that farming philosophies differ. That’s why we provide an array of choices in fertilizer origins: from naturally-derived organic options, synthesized inorganic varieties, to innovative biofertilizers. This ensures your crops get the nutrition they need in a manner that aligns with your agricultural values.

Plants have diverse nutritional uptake patterns. Catering to this, we offer fertilizers with different release profiles: slow-release for gradual and sustained nourishment, quick-release for immediate nutrient availability, and controlled-release for well-timed periodic feeding, ensuring plants get nutrition at the right pace.

The solubility of a fertilizer determines its rate of action. To cater to varied requirements, we present both water-soluble options that act swiftly upon application and insoluble variants that provide a steady release of nutrients over a more extended period, ensuring consistent soil enrichment.

Fertilizer Application

Fertilizers for Crops

  • NPK Fertilizers
  • Urea
  • Phosphorus-rich Fertilizers
  • Potassium Chloride

Fertilizers for Fruits

  • NPK Fertilizers
  • Calcium-based Fertilizers
  • Potassium-rich Fertilizers

Fertilizers for Flowers

  • NPK Fertilizers
  • Bone Meal
  • Potassium-rich Fertilizers

Fertilizers for Lawns

  • High Nitrogen Fertilizers
  • Iron Supplements
  • Potassium-rich Fertilizers

Partners We Cooperate With

Navigating the agricultural world hand-in-hand with our esteemed partners, together shaping a more fruitful, sustainable future across diverse sectors.

Fertilizer Brand & Importers

Trust our premium, globally-recognized fertilizers for consistent quality and timely delivery.

Fertilizer Distributors & Wholesalers

Partner with us for unbeatable bulk pricing, product variety, and market edge.

Large-scale Farmers

Optimize yields with our scientifically-formulated, tailored fertilizer solutions for expansive farms.

Agricultural Cooperatives

Experience unparalleled collective discounts and expert support, tailored for cooperative success.

No matter what business you are, contact us if you need any support.

Landscaping Companies

Elevate every project's beauty and health with our specialized, transformative fertilizer blends.

Nurseries & Garden Centers

Supercharge plant growth and sales with our top-tier, growth-enhancing fertilizers.

Golf Courses & Sports Turf Managers

Achieve consistently lush, championship-worthy greens using our elite turf formulas.

Agri-Supply Store

Reliably stock the best; our renowned fertilizers guarantee customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Why Hans Trusted by 100+ Global Fertilizer Partners

Leveraging years of expertise and unwavering commitment, Hans consistently delivers excellence, making us the first choice for global partners.

20+ Years Fertilizer
Manufacturing Experience

Our legacy spans over two decades, deeply rooted in expertise and a commitment to excellence in the fertilizer industry.

Automatic Fertilizer
Production Line

Our state-of-the-art automatic production facilities ensure consistent output, faster production times, and the highest quality in every batch.

Premium Quality

Our fertilizers undergo rigorous and stringent quality checks, ensuring optimal plant growth, enhanced yield, and the overall health of the soil.


Achieve the best value for your money by choosing our products, which seamlessly combine unmatched superior quality with competitively affordable rates.


We provide tailored fertilizer mixes addressing specific soil conditions and crop requirements.

Dedicated Customer

Our team is available round-the-clock, ensuring that all your queries and concerns are addressed promptly.


Our formulations are backed by extensive research, catering to diverse agricultural needs.

Certifications by Renowned

All our fertilizers can meet the CNAS lab certifications and the ISO certification. We can also provide fertilizer testing services.


We prioritize the environment by employing eco-friendly manufacturing and packaging processes.

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Hans Fertilizer Manufacturing Equipment

Fertilizer Manufacturer Machine
Fertilizer Packing
Fertilizer Packing
Fertilizer Loading
Fertilizer Loading

Let's Protect Our Earth Together

Dedicated to sustainable practices, we prioritize environmental protection, ensuring our fertilizers nurture both crops and our shared Earth.

Eco-Friendly Production

Utilizing advanced technologies, we've streamlined our production to reduce emissions and minimize environmental impact.

Sustainable Packaging

Pioneering the use of recyclable and biodegradable materials, we aim to revolutionize the way fertilizers are packaged.

Renewable Energy Adoption

Our operations are powered by renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, drastically cutting our carbon emissions.

Water Conservation

Through efficient water management systems, we ensure minimal waste, recycle water in our processes, and safeguard surrounding water sources.

Organic & Natural Product Lines

We're innovating to produce more organic and natural fertilizers, reducing the reliance on synthetic chemicals and promoting eco-friendly farming.

Waste Reduction

Implementing a zero-waste initiative, we're re-purposing by-products, composting organics, and optimizing our processes to reduce landfill waste.

Community Engagement & Education

Partnering with local communities, we organize workshops and training sessions on sustainable farming and environmental conservation.

Supply Chain Sustainability

We actively collaborate with suppliers and stakeholders who share our environmental ethos, ensuring a green and responsible supply chain from start to finish.

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